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Student Life In London (mid COVID)

NCH Student Blog | March 12, 2021

Admittedly, with this new (or not quite new anymore) lockdown situation, many things have changed, but student life can still be fun even during this pandemic, we just have to remember not to let ourselves go too deep into the thoughts about what else we would be able to do. When we think about it, let it be planning for future adventures, until then here’s how I deal with the current situation and my first year at university.

Even though we’re in lockdown right now, I still enjoy London as much as possible.

When I’m done with my academic things or when I need a break, I usually go for a walk, either alone, or I hit up some of my friends to see if anyone else needs a little fresh air, and here comes the fun part: there are so many places you can still visit even with the pandemic (but you know, wear a face mask, hold your distance and always use sanitisers).

Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park

If you want to see something definitely worth moving to London for, you have to visit Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park after sundown. You can see the beautiful skyline and all the lights of the business district of the city and even the London Eye. I’d most definitely recommend visiting and if you walk from Camden Town, there are always little food carts with strawberries and other fruits dipped in chocolate, waffles or Asian street food.

Emirates Air Line Greenwich

Also a must-see, the cable line takes you over the Thames and you can take gorgeous pictures (to show off a little) while having coffee and a chat with your friends. It’s on the Jubilee tube line so you can also get there quite easily. A fun day out on the weekends.

Hyde Park

Not surprisingly the Hyde Park is on my list as well for things to do on a day out or just on a free afternoon. When the sun is out, it’s just refreshing to sit outside in the park, bathing in the sunlight or reading some books, or just have a coffee and watch your environment.

South Bank

If you’re down for a walk, I’d tell you to start walking towards the South Bank. In the daylight, it’s fun to walk around taking a look at the graffiti, and after dark, just to see the lights and the reflections on the Thames. There are also random food carts where if you get hungry, you can treat yourself to some waffles or Mexican food, or whatever you crave at that moment.

I usually just start walking from King’s Cross Station or Warren Street and just see where the day (and my motivation to get a coffee again) takes me!

Of course, I would love to visit museums and pubs and everything that’s possible in this amazing city, but right now, this is perfectly enough until I can do more.

As I said, even though London is in lockdown, there are so many things to enjoy while you’re studying for your degree subjects.

It’s a beautiful place and there are endless possibilities!

By Lilla, LLB Law