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BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions Programme Specification

Course Descriptors

NCHNAP443 Business Fundamentals

NCHNAP444 Mathematical Structures and Methods

NCHNAP445 Intensive Foundations of Computer Science and Programming I

NCHNAP446 Data Management Systems

NCHNAP447 Database Design and Management I

NCHNAP448 Intensive Foundations of Computer Science and Programming II

NCHNAP449 Organisational Behaviour

NCHNAP450 Digital Fluency in the Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Enterprise

NCHNAP554 Networks and Platform Technologies

NCHNAP555 Info Technology Project Management

NCHNAP556 Database Design and Management II

NCHNAP557 Data Visualisation

NCHNAP558 Data Analytics

NCHNAP559 Visual Communication of Information

NCHNAP560 Info Technology Service Management

NCHNAP561 Cybersecurity

NCHNAP683 Digital and Technology Solutions Synoptic Project and End Point Assessment

NCHNAP684 Business and Change Management

NCHNAP685 Consulting Fundamentals and Frameworks

NCHNAP686 Customer Lifecycle Management

NCHNAP687 Advanced Information Technology

NCHNAP688 Software Engineering Course Descriptor

NCHNAP689 Predictive Analytics Using Python

NCHNAP690 Data Driven Decision Making

NCHNAP691 Implementing Data Science

NCHNAP6137 Enterprise Security Management

NCHNAP6138 Data and Network Protection

NCHNAP6139 Agile Software Development

NCHNAP6140 Object-Oriented Design and Development

NCHNAP6141 Software and Data Security