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Academic Handbook AQF14: Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Quality Framework Chapter 14

AQF14: Academic Policies and Procedures

Introduction to Academic Policies and Procedures

  1. A wide range of academic policies and procedures are in operation at Northeastern University London (the University). These have been developed to promote and support student achievement, and to enhance and promote operational efficiencies.
  2. The following terminology is used at the University regarding policies and procedures:
    1. Policy: A policy is an institutional rule or regulation that governs operations. Policy documents contain overarching principles that guide decisions and establish expectations.
    2. Procedure: A procedure is a standardised process for the implementation of a policy.
  3. Ensuring that appropriate academic policies and procedures are in place directly impacts on maintaining academic standards and quality assurance and enhancement at the University. They provide students and staff with clear processes to follow and ensure that actions and decisions are considered by appropriate individuals in a consistent and responsible way.

Alignment of Academic Policies and Procedures With External Reference Points

  1. The University’s academic policies and procedures are developed and reviewed with appropriate consultation and consideration of relevant external reference points. This includes ensuring that policies and procedures align with the UK Quality Code, OIA Good Practice Frameworks and any other relevant external reference points.

Reviewing and Evaluating Academic Policies and Procedures

  1. The University’s Policy and Compliance Committee (PCC), working on behalf of Academic Board for academic policies, is responsible for overseeing the review and development of academic policies and procedures as well as the Academic Quality Framework, the academic governance structure, institutional policies and procedures, and management of the University’s core documentation. The Policy Manager is the person responsible for managing the development and review of University policies and procedures.
  2. The Core Document Development and Management Policy and Procedure provides support and guidance to those tasked with policy or procedural document development. Student consultation is part of the process to review student facing policies and procedures, which is formally considered at the Teaching, Learning and Enhancement Committee (TLEC). Consultation outside of TLEC can be undertaken in a variety of formats, such as electronic consultation, focus groups or discussions at other committee meetings.

Publication of Academic Policies and Procedures

  1. All University academic policies and procedures are published and made available to students and staff through the Academic Handbook on the University website. Human resource related policies and procedures are available to staff on the software platform, PeopleHR. Students and staff are introduced to the University’s Academic Handbook during their inductions. Staff are also introduced to PeopleHR during their induction with the Director of Resourcing and Operations.
  2. Staff are encouraged to hyperlink to the online Academic Handbook when referring to academic policies or procedures to ensure that the current version of a policy or procedure is utilised and referenced.

Academic Policies and Procedures as Core Documents

  1. Academic policies and procedures are classed as University core documentation and, as such, all academic policies and procedures are listed on the Core Document Register (CDR). The CDR logs the details of each core document version including the owner, approving committee or board, consultation subcommittees, scope, related and referenced documents, and the date of next review. The CDR is managed by the Policy Manager in collaboration with the Policy and Compliance Committee.

Version History

Title: AQF14 Academic Policies and Procedures

Approved by: Academic Board

Location: Academic Handbook/ Policies and Procedures/ Academic Quality Framework

Version Number Date Approved Date Published  Owner  Proposed Next Review Date
23.2.0 May 2023 May 2023 Head of Quality Assurance August 2024
Version numbering system revised in March 2023
1.0 June 2019 Head of Quality Assurance August 2021
Referenced documents Core Document Development and Management Policy and Procedure
External Reference Point(s) UK Quality Code; OIA Good Practice Framework
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