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MSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

The MSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science programme is designed to support the career development of AI and data science professionals by providing graduates with the in-depth knowledge, skills and experience that are required by businesses and organisations in the technology sector.


Programming for Data Science (NCHNAP782)

15 Credits

This course focuses on programming for data science applications… Read More

Data Driven Analytics (NCHNAP783)

30 Credits

This course systematically explores the modern data science workflow… Read More

Advanced Statistical and Mathematical Methods (NCHNAP784)

15 Credits

Statistical and mathematical principle behind AI and machine learning… Read More

Applied Machine Intelligence (NCHNAP785)

30 Credits

Theoretical foundations and practical application of AI and machine learning… Read More

Stakeholders, Negotiation and Project Management (NCHNAP786)

15 Credits

This course gives learners the tools to be effective change agents in modern business… Read More

Communication in Business (NCHNAP787)

15 Credits

This course explores a range of communication methods used in business… Read More

Data Engineering (NCHNAP788)

15 Credits

Examining the engineering principles of deployment of new data products… Read More

The Social Context of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (NCHNAP789)

15 Credits

This course will give learners a strong foundation in key ethical issues… Read More

Artificial Intelligence Capstone Project (NCHNAP790)

30 Credits

An AI capstone project, conceived and executed by the learner… Read More