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Why study Politics & IR at Northeastern University London

The interdisciplinary study of Politics alongside International Relations at Northeastern University London is a stimulating and enriching pursuit.

The politics component of the programme explores political theory by looking at normative questions, as well as political science by examining the organisation of government. The International Relations strand examines governance, institution-building and decision making through an analysis of historical phenomena, economic conditions, diplomatic relations, security and sociocultural linkages among state and non-state sectors.


The opportunity to study Politics & IR in London offers the city as a classroom, with a huge number of research institutes, government agencies, study groups, libraries and policy analysis outfits on the doorstep.

If you love ideas, choose to study at a place where the lectures are sufficiently small that you can ask questions and debate them, and where other students have the same self-selecting keen curiosity and interest in their studies that you do.

Choose to study at a place where your tutors will meet with you individually each week to help you to formulate and defend your own interpretations of the texts you’re reading and connect your ideas and questions with others in the philosophical tradition.

Choose to study at Northeastern University London.