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About Irum Feroz

Irum Feroz is a lecturer in the faculty of Computing at Northeastern University London. Her research has real world application and has notable impact. Her area of research makes a clear contribution in an important area, that is health informatics. Irum has always demonstrated conscientiousness, motivation and dedication.

She remained part of People Technology Research Group and completed her MS degree from University of Lahore under supervision of Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Ch in HCI domain. After that she started her carrier as Lecturer at the University of Lahore, Pakistan. She has got mastery skills in teaching and provided inclusive education to all kinds of students. She supervised many final year design projects where her ideas were innovative. Due to her extraordinary abilities in teaching, handwork, dedication and service to the community, she was promoted as Assistant Professor at the University of Sialkot, Pakistan before starting her PhD in United Kingdom. Ms. Irum Feroz is friendly, adaptive according to the environment, passionate and thorough professional in her work. She completed Graduate Professional Development (GProf) course, route of the Apex Foundation Pathway, which is an introduction to teaching in Higher Education (HE). This course is a collaboratively offered by the Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement (DCQE) and the Graduate School at University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

Due to her previous experience in teaching as Lecturer and Assistant Professor in different Universities at Pakistan, the University of Portsmouth acquired her services as Demonstrator from 25 Sept, 2021 to 30th June 2022. At the start of Fall 2022 semester, she was employed as a part time lecturer in University of Portsmouth. She was involved in supervision of MSc and final year design projects. She managed students from diverse background and provide innovative ideas to her students.

Irum Feroz's Research

Irum is keen to involve herself in the wider research community and has made a number of academic connections. She has actively taken part in several conferences, both presenting her work and serving as technical reviewer and session chair as follows:

  • Serving as Technical Reviewer of 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data in Management (ICBDM2022) will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, USA during November 7-9, 2022.
  • Technical Reviewer of 2021 International Conference on Digital Futures and Transformative Technologies (ICoDT2), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad Pakistan.
  • She has served as Session Chair & Technical Program Committee Chair of5th International Conference on Information Systems Engineering at The University of Manchester, UK held in November 2020.

She has already published 4 international conference papers, 3 ISI index journal papers in relevant fields and 1 book chapter.


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