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About Dr Josephine Taylor

Dr Josephine Taylor is Assistant Professor in English Literature at Northeastern University London. Josephine lectures on the cultures of London course and has previously taught in comparative literature, philosophy, and politics at Royal Holloway, University London and Kings College London. She obtained her PhD in comparative literature and culture from Royal Holloway. This was following on from a masters at the University of Warwick and Bachelor’s degree at the University of Sheffield.



PhD Comparative Literature and Culture (Royal Holloway, University of London)

MA English and Comparative Literature (University of Warwick)

BA English Literature (University of Sheffield)

Dr Josephine Taylor's Research

Josephine’s research interest is broadly within the area of environmental humanities; her research examines histories of energy extraction from 19th century to the present. In particular, her work addresses the intersections of animal studies and petroculture (cultures grounded in fossil fuels) examining the nonhuman narratives of energy from nineteenth century whaling, to contemporary modes of energy production and their consequences ranging from oil spills to roadkill.

Recently, she has been involved in co-editing a special issue for Czech sociological journal Socialni Studia on the transdisciplinary approaches to climate justice. She has published with journals such as Alluvium, and academic presses including Bloomsbury and Palgrave on topics such as science fiction, energy transition, and offshore extraction.

She is a member of research collective Beyond Gender who have co-written articles for Routledge and the Architectural Review on areas involving queer theory, science fiction, and the blue humanities (scholarship centred on oceanic and water perspectives).


Taylor, J., 2022. Mourning the Unmourned: Roadkill Encounters. Socialni Studia, [online] <>

Taylor, J., 2022. Crude Monsters in the “Extractive Zone” The Creaturely and Ecological Zombie. In: G. Champion, R. Douglas and S. Shapiro, ed., An “Other” Zombie Project: Decolonizing the Undead. London: Bloomsbury.

Taylor, J., 2022. Petrocultures. In: R. Braidotti and E. Jones, ed., The More Posthuman Glossary. London: Bloomsbury.

Taylor. J., 2022. Extractive Histories and Decolonial Resistance: A Cultural Response to Climate Justice. Issue 26, Climate Crisis. Shuddhashar. <>

Taylor, J., 2021. Energy Futures, Science Fiction, and the Failure of Mastery. Alluvium: 21st-Century Writing, 21st-Century Approaches, 9(3).

Taylor, J., 2021. Contaminated Waters and Indigenous Resistance in Perpetual. In: K. Sandhu and N. Wallace, ed., Green and Blues. London: Dovetail Publications.



Taylor, J., 2022. The Nonhuman Periphery: Animal Commodities and Offshore Imaginaries. In: N. Castle, ed., Science Fiction and the Animal. Palgrave Macmillan.


In progress 

Nonhuman Narratives of Energy. Monograph in Preparation.

Dr Josephine Taylor's Teaching

Dr Taylor teaches Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, and Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Cultures of London.