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The Northeastern University London School Certificate in Philosophy Course Outline

This new qualification offers an ideal opportunity to introduce Philosophy to students in years 9 – 10. The programme has been devised and piloted by teachers with expertise in the teaching of Philosophy. It is designed to be taught by a mixture of supervised project work sessions, class discussions and self-study. The certificate is awarded for the completion of a research project on a philosophical theme, the format for which is chosen by the student and can include presentations, podcasts, creative design work as well as written research reports. Marking guidance is available in the course outline. Marks are awarded internally and subject to external review by an Northeastern University London assessor.

Course aims

  1. To provide a short introduction to central ideas in philosophy and a brief overview of some influential philosophers
  2. To explore some debated questions in philosophy
  3. To encourage students to engage in discussion and debate as a way of learning how to think philosophically
  4. To provide students with an opportunity to respond to the material they have learned with a personal philosophical project
  5. To provide students with an opportunity to present their work to their class in an appropriate format (a display of their research, a video, a podcast or an oral presentation)

The programme is supported by freely available online resources. These resources have been designed to enable the course to be taught by teachers who do not need to be subject experts in philosophy. If you would like to request more information about this certificate please fill out the form here.

Download a copy of the outline here.