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Accelerate London Summer School:

Culture, Crisis and the City

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Virtual Programme – 1st-5th August 2022

Aims of the programme

This is an interdisciplinary course that combines elements of English, History and History of Art, and is designed for students entering their final year of secondary education who are thinking of pursuing one or more of these subjects at university level. Organised around the themes of ‘culture’, ‘crisis’ and ‘the city’, students will engage with a wide-range of historical, literary and visual material from 1600 through to the post-war period. In the process, this course aims to help students sharpen their analytical abilities, increase their historical awareness, and create links between different genres, cultural moments and forms of media.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this programme students will have:

  • Developed their ability to analyse historical sources, literary texts and visual forms
  • Developed their critical thinking skills and historical awareness
  • Explored the intersections between English Literature, History and History of Art
  • Forged connections between different historical and artistic materials
  • Learned about the history and culture(s) of London
  • Explored the concepts of ‘culture’ and ‘crisis’ from multiple angles within the context of London

Modes of learning

  • Group discussion and debate
  • Self-directed learning
  • Group research projects
  • Interactive learning

This course makes use of a virtual learning environment called Canvas. Through Canvas you will be able to access:

  • This course guide n All the materials needed to prepare for your classes
  • All the materials you will need during your classes
  • The Zoom links needed to access classes

When will the programme take place?

The programme will take place in the mornings (10:00-12:00) from the 1st – 5th August 2022 online.

Who is the programme for?

Year 12 students

Where will the programme take place?

The programme will be delivered online.

What are the academic requirements?

To have passed GCSEs or equivalent in English and Maths.

How much is tuition for the programme?

There is a fee for the programme of £110.

Is there any financial assistance?

Northeastern University London is delighted to introduce the Northeastern University London Summer School Bursary and aims to support state school students from underrepresented backgrounds in Higher Education. We use the criteria below to assess who is eligible to participate. The more criteria you meet, the more likely your application will be successful. Please see schools list here.

We will prioritise your application if:

  • You have been in care
  • You live independently (estranged), meaning you no longer have the support of your family due to a breakdown in the relationship, which has led to ceased contact

 We will also assess whether:

  • You are a young carer and have caring responsibilities for a close relative with a disability, long-term illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem that is a significant demand on your time
  • Your family income is below £42,875each year
  • You are eligible for free school meals and/or pupil premium
  • You live in a neighbourhood with low overall progression rates to higher education (POLAR4 Quintile 1 or 2 areas) or high levels of deprivation (IMD Quintile 1 areas)
  • Your school has a high percentage of students receiving free school meals
  • Your school has below average attainment

Please note that there is limited funding, and awards will go to applicants with greater need.

Hear what previous Accelerate London students have to say!

‘I loved the use of breakouts. It helped me to understand the content more so than I would have independently, and I was able to meet new people and make new friends.’

Of course the education we received throughout the week was greatly beneficial and so interesting, but my favourite part overall was purely how lovely and friendly everybody was, including my peers. I quickly became comfortable and knew I could express any opinion or query I had and I knew it would be taken into account without any judgement. I’m so thankful for everybody who contributed to this experience!

‘I enjoyed the ability to connect with other students, albeit virtually. It was lovely to see the faces of the lecturers and to realise how well we have all adapted to online learning.’