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Accelerate London Summer School:

Sustainability Technology and the Future

Sustainability, Technology, and the Future: Perspectives from Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

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Virtual Programme – 25-29th July 2022

All spaces have been filled for this Programme.

Aims of the Programme

Technology has always been a key part of human life. With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increasing our dependence on it, technology is now more present than ever. This interdisciplinary PPE course will explore how emerging technologies may shape our future and how we can approach this future in sustainable ways. It will give you the opportunity to examine the themes of sustainability, technology and the future from the differing, but also intersecting, perspectives of Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, and Economics.

You will engage in discussions about the use of technology in the present and the future. The course will develop key analytical and reflective skills and introduce you to career pathways that can be pursued with an education in Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, and Economics.

Learning outcomes

In this course, you will:

  • Consider the relationship between humanity and technology
  • Explore how technology facilitates social, economic and political impacts and evaluate its ethical role
  • Think about how technology supports sustainable economies
  • Learn about the idea of sustainable development and its role for the state, the private sector and society
  • Engage with case studies, from smart cities to environmental degradation
  • Develop your ability to think critically and analytically in responding to academic discussions and texts, setting them in the context of current affairs and social, political, economic and philosophical challenges
  • Explore the intersections between the disciplines of Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, and Economics, and develop your sense of their different disciplinary perspectives, approaches and methods

Modes of learning

  • Group discussion & debate
  • Self-directed learning
  • Group research activities
  • Interactive learning

When will the programme take place?

The programme will take place in the mornings (10:00-12:00) from the 25th-29th July.

Where will the course take place?

The course will take place online/virtually.

What are the academic requirements?

To have passed GCSEs or equivalent in English and Maths.

To be in the penultimate year of secondary education (Year 12 in the English education system)

How much is tuition for the programme?

There is a fee for the programme of £110.

Is there any financial assistance?

Northeastern University London is delighted to introduce the Northeastern University London Summer School Bursary and aims to support state school students from underrepresented backgrounds in Higher Education. We use the criteria below to assess who is eligible to participate. The more criteria you meet, the more likely your application will be successful. Please see school list here.

We will prioritise your application if:

  • You have been in care
  • You live independently (estranged), meaning you no longer have the support of your family due to a breakdown in the relationship, which has led to ceased contact

 We will also assess whether:

  • You are a young carer and have caring responsibilities for a close relative with a disability, long-term illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem that is a significant demand on your time
  • Your family income is below £42,875each year
  • You are eligible for free school meals and/or pupil premium
  • You live in a neighbourhood with low overall progression rates to higher education (POLAR4 Quintile 1 or 2 areas) or high levels of deprivation (IMD Quintile 1 areas)
  • Your school has a high percentage of students receiving free school meals
  • Your school has below average attainment

Please note that there is limited funding, and awards will go to applicants with greater need.

Applications are now closed.