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NU London SU

The Northeastern University London Student Union (NCHSU) is a student-led organisation at the heart of the Northeastern University London student experience. The Northeastern University LondonSU exists to promote the interests of the student body as well as planning social and extracurricular activities and providing support to student clubs and societies.

This union has three aims:

  1. Engaging the totality of the student body
  2. Bringing the union closer to self-sufficiency
  3. Building a social hub in college

Upon joining Northeastern University London you will automatically be enrolled in the Northeastern University LondonSU and able to take advantage of the benefits that this entails.

Student Union roles

NCHSU is run by eight union officers, who represent every student and their interests throughout their time at Northeastern University London. Officers are elected by their fellow students and serve a one-year term in their role. Elections are held during Michaelmas term for the following roles, each focusing on a different area of student life:


James Heard

Hi there! I’m James, a second-year Politics & IR with Psychology, and your Student Union President! As President, it is my job to ensure the running of the Union and make sure you all have a great time at NULondon! If you have any issues, I’m usually on campus, but otherwise feel free to drop me a message or email me!


Edmund Heaney

Hi everyone, Edmund here! I’m reading PPE in my second year at NULondon. As your SU treasurer, my responsibilities include overseeing the union’s budget and helping to allocate society funding. If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to get in contact, my email is below and you can usually find me around the university. See you around!


Inger Hansen

My name is Inger Hansen, and I am the Secretary of the Student Union. I am a second-year English with Psychology student, and I hope to aid James, and the rest of the SU, in optimising your time at NULondon and making the most of your university experience.


Soraya Vigneron

Hi guys! I’m Soraya, a PPE student majoring in Politics & IR. I’m really excited about my role as Welfare Officer and I’ll be more than happy to help you find the support that’ll best fit you or just chat if you need to! ;))

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Diego Mojica

Hello, my  name is Diego Mojica, and I am a second year international relations and politics major at Northeastern University London. I am the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Officer. With this position in the Student Union, I wish to foster an academic and social environment in which everyone’s worldview and experiences no matter their background or identity are included in our university. I hope to work alongside both the SU and the Head of EDI for NU London to promote tolerance and inclusion for all people.

Media and Communication

Andrea Ann Larsen

Hello, I’m Andrea Ann! A first year student of Law with Psychology.

Through my role I hope to ensure clear communication of events, societies and sports clubs.

Get in touch if you need anything media related!


Louis Westlake

In my role as events officer it is my intention to democratise events, asking societies to hold more frequent events, and with all the necessary support being supplied to them. I will also be looking to foster a better university spirit, by hosting events that the student body want, and making our time at uni the best it can be.


Zack Balzan 

Hello, I’m Zack Balzan, a 2nd year Politics with Psychology student. I handle everything that has to do with facilities on campus ! If you have a question or any queries, don’t hesitate to drop an email at 🙂

Volunteering and Fundraising

Alistair Bugg

My name is Alistair Bugg, I’m a first year Philosophy with Psychology student. While on the SU I plan on creating effective volunteering & fundraising opportunities which benefit our local & global communities, and help our students develop their own skills.


Angus Parkes

Hi there, I’m Angus, your Societies Officer. I’m a friendly face who you can easily approach with any issues regarding your society. My role is to ensure that you guys can really propel your events and societies into a diverse and inclusive community. My main aim is to create fun, active, societies despite our small community. This is something I can only do with the help of you and your friends, so any issues/needs, contact me and you and I can work together to strengthen the student body of our university.


Euan Wilkins-Campbell

Hi, I’m Euan. 1st year Law student and from South Wales. I am your careers officer and will be working towards inclusive and wide career opportunities as well as making sure that the event held at to your liking. Feel free to contract me if you have any question or recommendation. Here’s to 2023


Mithushan Praba


Emilija Dimitrievski

Student Representative

Jakub Ujhazy

I’m a 2nd year Economics with Data Science student. I’m here to improve communication between student representatives and the Student Union as well as aid my fellow reps with any issues they might have.