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The Northeastern University London Student Union (NCHSU) is a student-led organisation at the heart of the Northeastern University London student experience. The Northeastern University LondonSU exists to promote the interests of the student body as well as planning social and extracurricular activities and providing support to student clubs and societies.

This union has three aims:

  1. Engaging the totality of the student body
  2. Bringing the union closer to self-sufficiency
  3. Building a social hub in college

Upon joining Northeastern University London you will automatically be enrolled in the Northeastern University LondonSU and able to take advantage of the benefits that this entails.

Student Union roles

NCHSU is run by eight union officers, who represent every student and their interests throughout their time at Northeastern University London. Officers are elected by their fellow students and serve a one-year term in their role. Elections are held during Michaelmas term for the following roles, each focusing on a different area of student life:


Saxony Anders

Hey! I’m Saxony, a second-year studying Philosophy with Economics. I hope to build our community at Northeastern University London into one that is strong and integrated. All students should know that their peers are there to have fun with and support them!

Secretary and Treasurer

Glyn Webster

Hi, I’m Glyn. I’m a second-year studying English Literature with Art History. I’m the Secretary and Treasurer for the Union. Please approach me with any requests for funding, for a friendly face, or for help facilitate your relationship with our SU.

Media & Communications

James Bandiola

2nd Year Philosophy with Art History student at Northeastern University London. Remember to follow the SU on Instagram and Twitter. Send me anything you want spread to the student body using the email contact below! Always happy to help.


Eloise Bloor-Black

Hihi my name is Eloise Bloor-Black or Elo 🙂 I am a second-year English Literature with History student. I am 1/3 of the amazing events management team, we as a group aim to provide inclusive and fun events for all! I hope to see as many of you there as possible :)))))


Iana Timofeeva

Hi, my name is Iana Timofeeva. I am a second-year Politics & IR with Economics student. As a part of the lovely event management team, I am very excited to ensure all of you have a great time at Northeastern University London and participate in fun events 🙂


Phi Mackness

Hello! I’m Phi, a third-year Philosophy with Creative Writing student and part of the Events team for the 2022 SU. I’m also the President of the LGBTQ+ Society and I was the previous 2021 SU President, with my favourite aspect being events planning. I’m super excited to continue working with the SU and keep contributing to all the wonderful events we plan as a Union and as a University, prioritising communication and coordination between ourselves and Northeastern University London staff and diversifying our events.


Lilli Duberley

I’m Lilli, a second-year Philosophy with Art History student. Alongside being the Societies Officer I am also the President and Creator of the Amnesty International Society, Disabilities Rep for LGBTQ+ Soc, the VP of FemSoc and Social Media Manager for Labour Soc. So please don’t hesitate to send me any society-related questions, I want to support you with all your societal endeavours that create community at the uni.


Christian Lamm

Hello! I’m Chris, a second-year studying Law and I am your co-sports officer with Paul Wensche. We are excited to have this role for this year and we hope to increase inclusion within the sports teams and increase the overall competitiveness of the sports teams at our uni.


Paul Wuensche

Hi! My name is Paul and I am a second-year PPE student. Chris and I are looking forward to being sports officers at Northeastern University London for this year. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Elena Castillo

My name is Elena Castillo and I am a second-year single honours Law student here at Northeastern University London! I am so excited to be your new EDI Officer in the SU. Being Latina and a part of the LGBTQ+ community, equality and inclusion has always been very important to me. This makes me really excited and hopeful to make Northeastern University London a place where diversity is celebrated!

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Ali Ahued

I’m a 3rd-year Politics & IR with Law student from Mexico. In addition to being the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officer, I also run the Hispanic Appreciation Society. I am driven by my strong commitment to fostering a more diverse, inclusive, and fair community at Northeastern University London.


Hannah Smith

Hey everyone, I’m Hannah (she/her)! I’m a Second Year Law with History student and I’m delighted to be your Welfare Officer for 2022. This year, I want to help the rest of the SU improve the community feel at the University, and make sure that every student feels welcome and enjoys their time at Northeastern University London.


James Fraser

Hi, my name is James Fraser! I am a first-year Law student. My plan for the year is to promote and cultivate people’s professional development, as well as their personal development. I am excited to, hopefully, have people attend large scale events in the coming months.


Volunteering and Fundraising

Inger Hansen

Hey, I’m Inger! I am a first-year student studying English Literature with Creative Writing. Through my role, I hope to introduce volunteering opportunities both within the university itself as well as in the local community. Looking forward to working with you all!

Student Representatives

Jakub Uzjhazy

I’m a 1st-year Economics with Data Science student. I’m here to improve communication between student representatives and the Student Union as well as aid my fellow reps with any issues they might have.


Emma Gaffing

Hey, I’m Emma, studying MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence. I hope to integrate postgraduates into Northeastern University London student life more and I am excited to be part of this year’s student union!

Northeastern University

Tomas Zoani Gray

Hello everyone! I’m Tomas, a first-year Business & Economics (NU Bound) student and I’m super excited to join the SU family! I’m originally from Argentina, and of course, an avid football fan. I hope to gather prominent concerns on diverse issues (such as the long wait to get our grades back), and advocate for change and improvement.