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Dual Masters Options for Msc Computer Science Students

Our MSc in Computer Science offers students an unrivalled opportunity, should they desire, to gain both a UK and a US masters degree, plus eligibility to work in both the UK and the US for two years immediately after graduating from each masters degree. The MSc Computer Science can also be taken as a stand alone masters degree.

Graduates of the Northeastern University London MSc in Computer Science will be able to undertake further one year course of study on a second masters degree programme at Northeastern University in Boston, USA, enabling them to develop more specialised skills, along with international study and work experience.

This dual-degree pathway provides students with the chance to create their own combined masters study, gaining advanced skills and international experience that will make them exceptionally desirable candidates for global appointments in their field of expertise. And with eligibility for post-graduation work of up to two years in each of the UK and the US, students will have flexibility of developing a comprehensive six-year academic and professional career advancement plan.

The dual masters degrees are F-1 Visa Compliant meaning students will be eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) after they have been enrolled full time for one complete academic year.

Benefits offered to Northeastern University London MSc Computer Science graduates who undertake further study at Northeastern University include:

  • Northeastern University London course credits will count towards a Northeastern University degree, meaning students only need to study six courses for their second masters degree
  • The opportunity to work in the UK for two years after your Msc Computer Science and to work in the USA for up to three years* after graduation from a Northeastern University masters degree.

*Please note that the post study work visa and its duration is dependent on the masters degree subject you choose at Northeastern University, and the current immigration policies in the US.

The following Northeastern University masters degree programmes are available for the dual masters:

MS in Management (Software development concentration, launching in autumn 2021)

MS in Urban Informatics

MS in Economics

MS in Bioinformatics

MS in Game Science and Design

MS in Robotics

You will need to have completed the courses mentioned in the table below at Northeastern University London to be able to study at Northeastern University for a Dual Masters.

Masters Degree you would like to Study at NortheasternNortheastern University London course needed to undertake your chosen masters programme.Northeastern Equivalent
MS in Management, SW Dev Concentration (DMSB)NCHCS764- Web Development  CS5610- Web Development  
NCHCS765- Mobile App Dev CS5520- Mobile App Dev 
*Courses count toward SW Dev Concentration requirements 
MS in Urban Informatics (CSSH)NCHCS762- Database Management Systems DA5020- Collecting, Storing and Retrieving Data (Core) 
NCHCS761- Algorithms CS5800- Algorithms/Analysis Elective (No concentration)  
MS in Economics (CSSH)NCHCS761- Algorithms CS5800- Algorithms 
NCHCS766- Foundations of AICS5100- Foundations of AI 
*Courses count toward DS Concentration 
MS in Bioinformatics (COS)NCHCS761- Algorithms CS5800- Algorithms  
NCHCS766- Foundations of AI CS5100- Foundations of AI 
*Courses count as electives, no concentration 
MS in Game Science and Design (CAMD)NCHCS764- Web Development CS5610- Web Development
NCHCS765- Mobile App Dev CS5520- Mobile App Dev
*Courses count as electives, no concentration  
MS in Robotics (COE/Khoury)NCHCS761- Algorithms CS5800- Algorithms 
NCHCS766- Foundations of AI CS5100- Foundations of AI 
*Courses count as electives, no concentration 

Each course is worth 15 credits at Northeastern University London which translates into 4SH (Semester Hours) at Northeastern University.