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Transferring to Northeastern University London

Reevaluating your university or subject choice? Want to explore your options? We are here to ensure your transfer to Northeastern University London happens as smoothly as possible.

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If you are interested in transferring into first or second year with us in 2022, please complete the form below. Please note that we are unable to consider transfer requests into third year 


What is a transfer?

A university transfer is when you move across universities or courses. There are many reasons to do this. It might be because you don’t like your current course, location, or have performed better than expected in exams. Once you have decided to transfer, you will need to research to find out how you should go about it. Transferring impacts your funding, and some courses aren’t compatible. If you are able to transfer to Northeastern University London we will support you through the entire process and it make as easy as possible. 

Here at Northeastern University London we welcome students who wish to transfer from other universities, however, in order to ensure that you have a sufficient foundation to flourish at the University, we have to take applications to transfer on a case by cases basis to assess how credits transfer, and if your previous studies are compatible with our programmes.

See below to fill out our transfer form if you want to transfer to Northeastern University London or click here.

Can I transfer to Northeastern University London during my first year?

If your university experience didn’t suit you and you haven’t completed first year, have dropped out, or want to change your course you can start again at another institution if your funding allows. This is known as a transfer within level.

If you realise early in your first year that your university isn’t right for you there might be the option to transfer straight to another university without redoing your application. However, if you miss this window in your first term you may have to reapply in the next cycle through UCAS, or contact universities directly to enquire about the availability of a transfer.


Can I transfer after completing my first year at another institution?

If you have completed your first year, and wish to continue in the same course you could transfer to a different university. Rather than starting your course from first year, you can transfer your credits from your first institution to your new one if the courses are compatible. Your transfer will need to comply with our Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer Policy which can be found below.


Can I transfer to Northeastern University London for my third and final year?

Unfortunately not. This is because we need you to have completed 240 credits with us to allow you to graduate.


You can find our Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer Policy here.