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Wittgenstein and AI

The Northeastern University London (NCH) will host the 11th British Wittgenstein Society (BWS) Conference, on the theme of Wittgenstein and AI. The conference will be held in London, at the Northeastern University London (Devon House), from the 29th to the 31st of July 2022, and will feature keynote addresses, invited symposia, and contributed papers, selected in response to a call for abstracts.

Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speakers are Anthony Grayling (Theory of Knowledge, Metaphysics and Logic, NCH), Juliet Floyd (Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Boston), Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Responsible AI, Northeastern), and Paula Sweeney (Philosophy of AI, Aberdeen).


Digital Humanities and Wittgenstein (chair – Naomi Goulder): Alois Pichler (Digital Humanities, Bergen); Barbara McGillivray (Computational Linguistics, KCL), Brian Ball (Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language, Northeastern University London)

Online Language Games (chair – Richard Paul): Fintan Mallory (Philosophy of Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Language, Oslo), Elena Kochkina (Natural Language Processing, QMUL/Turing), Elmar Unnsteinsson (Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, UCD)

Wittgenstein, Logic, and Computation (chair – Alessandro Rossi): Ioannis Votsis (Philosophy of Science, Northeastern University London), Serena Villata (Computational Argumentation, CNRS/Nice), Oskari Kuusela (Philosophy of Logic and Language, University of East Anglia)

Wittgenstein and Turing (chair – Brian Ball): Diane Proudfoot (Philosophy of AI, Canterbury), David Kenyon (Research Historian, Bletchley Park), Ásgeir Matthíasson (Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, University of Iceland)

Wittgenstein, AI, and Education (chair – Riyukta Raghunath): Chiara Alfano (English and Education, NCH), Mark Martin (EdTech, NCH), Paul Standish (Education, Practice and Society, UCL)

Wittgensteinian AI Governance (chair – Alice Schneider): Burkhard Schafer (Computational Legal Theory, Edinburgh), Sandra Wachter (Ethics of AI, Oxford), TBC

Colour and AI (chair – Alice Helliwell): Dimitris Mylonas (Cognitive, Computer, and Data Science, Northeastern University London), Anders Søgaard (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Copenhagen), TBC.

Colour Hackathon!

Colour Hackathon

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The Wittgenstein and AI Conference is generously sponsored by the Society for Applied Philosophy, the Analysis Trust, Colour Group GB and the Mind Association.