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What is Computer Science?

NU London | July 6, 2022

Following the technological boom of the last decade, the modern world now relies on computer scientists to function, but what actually is computer science? 

What is Computer Science? 

Many people, when they hear the term, immediately think of programming. Whilst, it’s true that computer science involves a lot of programming, it is far more complex than that. 

Put simply, computer science is the study of computational systems and software. In actual fact, it is a broad term covering the study and application of artificial intelligence, network systems, security, numerical analysis, database systems, vision and graphics, programming languages, software engineering, and bioinformatics. 

Computer scientists deal with the theory, design, development and application of specific software systems. 

Where can a Computer Science degree take you? 

Studying a computer science degree doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a computer scientist, the skills you acquire will equip you to succeed in a variety of technology sector roles, including: 

  • Computer Consultant

A computer consultant provides advice to companies regarding what technology they should be implementing based on their needs. 

  • Full Stack Developer 

A full-stack developer manages the front end and back end of a website. They design the customer-facing side of the website, whilst also implementing the necessary processes in the back end. 

  • Software Engineer

A software engineer deals with the practical creation and implementation of software. Using engineering principles, they develop processes to deliver specific functions.