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Summer Checklist for University

NU London Student Blog | August 19, 2022

So, you’ve been accepted into university, congratulations! You’ve confidently surpassed all previous challenges and surfaced victorious, but it’s not all smooth sailing… you may be now realising that getting into university wasn’t just a bunch of tick boxes on a checklist on Student Finance England, it’s an actual experience that you have signed up for. The summer coming up to Uni can be the most daunting and stressful time if you let it, or it can be really quite fun. Here’s my guide on how to choose the latter and enjoy your last summer as stress-free and prepared as you can be.

Step One: Figure out what your hobbies are

A lot of people have no idea what they enjoy doing in their free time. They probably couldn’t even name an activity, and instead might say something like “I like to have fun”, or that they don’t have any hobbies at all.

However, having hobbies can set you in good stead for life, not just for university!

Being passionate about reading, writing, football, singing, crochet, painting, or any other hobby has so many benefits. You will have something relaxing to do in between lectures or in your spare time (it can’t all be spent studying), you will build character and have something interesting to talk about with others (who may also share your interests, and you might even be able to form a society or a club), and, of course, it is just fun to try new things! Not to mention, continuously revisiting a hobby builds discipline and this is where skill blossoms best!

So now, ask yourself this question. What is it that makes me feel happy? What am I doing when I’m laughing, smiling, concentrated or excited? What activities make me feel something?

Once you can note down at least 2/3, you can begin exercising them! Try to commit at least a few hours a week to them, and have fun!

Step Two: Join university social media groups

Everybody likes to feel prepared, and being a part of one or more social media uni groups/group chats might make you feel less alone in this new start!

A big concern for new beginners is whether they will make any friends or not at university (by the way,  you definitely will), but to reassure yourself joining some group chats can set your mind at ease as everyone is in the exact same boat, and everyone is just as nervous!

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Step Three: Self Care

Self care can take many forms; some people might do skin care and a pamper day,  some people might buy a take away and watch Netflix, some people might go and see their best friend for a catch-up coffee, some people might meditate and listen to podcasts, some people might journal, and some people might simply have a cup of tea.

Allowing yourself a little ‘you’ time is very important for mental health. You can’t just be go-go-go all the time, that’s now how we’re wired as humans. We need attention and care, and you know exactly what works for you in that respect, so here’s to starting uni with a clear head and a healthy mind!