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How to Decorate Your Student Room

NU London Student Blog | August 30, 2022

Moving out of home, whether it’s just a few hours away or a completely different country, can be a huge change! 

Everyone needs a safe space, which most conveniently, can be your bedroom. I’ve spent time figuring out how to make the space feel truly homely. So, here are my tips on how to make your student room feel really like your own (without losing your deposit!)


Personally, I really enjoy having plants in my living space. It’s very relaxing and gives the room a comfortable, homely vibe. Even if you’re like me, and cannot seem to actually be able to take care of plants, you can get yourself some freshly cut flowers and a pretty vase! Trust me, it’ll liven up your room.

(Another option: get a cactus! They are really resistant, even I can’t kill them.) 

LEDs and Fairy Lights 

A great way to lighten up your room! LEDs make you feel like you’re having a party (for one). I love being able to change the colours; I enjoy orange during the day, and deep purple (turning to blue) before bedtime as I remember reading about how different coloured lights can affect a person’s mood. Fairy lights are softer, so if you’d prefer that, they will give a cosy, golden glow to your room.

Posters and Pinboards

You can easily get yourself some fun posters to turn your room into a visual representation of your interests and hobbies. You can order some online, or even print out some pictures to put on a pinboard (most university accommodation halls have these) or, get some adhesive tabs to put them on the wall. These are removable and won’t leave a mark on the wall when you get rid of them. A great way to decorate your student room!


Smaller pieces of furniture, like bean bags or bedside tables, will help you feel like the place is yours too. You could put in a shoe rack, a rug on the floor, a bedside lamp or other type of organiser. These are often things you don’t think of as essentials before moving to university, but they can make a big difference to your room.

Candles or air diffusers 

Lastly, I am obsessed with candles! This will depend on your accommodation rules though, so it might be worth considering air diffusers instead. Trust me, when you make your room smell nice, you will instantly feel better living there. It’s relaxing and adds to that homely vibe.

The most important thing is that you organise and decorate your room in a way that makes you comfortable living in your new space. Moving to university can have a big impact on so many aspects of your life, and having a place you feel safe in will help you a lot with the transition. Have fun and good luck!

By Lilla Lengel