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5 Places to Study for Coffee Lovers in London

NU London Student Blog | January 27, 2023

The Colombian Coffee Company

While the Colombian Coffee Company has many branches throughout the borough of London, I have found that their cafe on Greek Street poses as the most viable option for studying. Although the cafe itself is quite small, the space is quiet and full of newly brewed coffee. Whether you choose to study here, or simply pass by one of their shops, such as the one in borough market, their coffee is a must try for any coffee lover in London!



The village Blackheath is situated just a little outside the City of London, and within it resides one of my favourite coffee places I have ever been to: 15grams. While there is both a branch in Greenwich and in Blackheath, the latter is more spacious and provides a platform for students to study in a more peaceful and less rushed atmosphere than in central London. While I mostly visit cafes for the sole purpose for a place to study, or to try their coffee, I have found that 15Grams not only provides both those options, but also a friendly environment for every occasion. If they are not on your coffee list yet, they should be! 


ExMouth Coffee Company

Ever since beginning my studies at NULondon, Exmouth Coffee Company has been a constant source of freshly brewed coffee for my everyday life. Hidden on a corner just short of Brick Lane, the cafe is quite rarely filled to the brim with people, and provides the perfect environment for you to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee, have (in my opinion) the best croissant London has to offer, and be productive for a few hours with no disruptions. Not only does it pose as a great place to work, study or read, but also a good place to have brunch or lunch with friends. 


This one is a fairly new addition to my compilation of places to study in London, but having walked by it several times over the course of the past year, I finally ended up visiting it last week: I have no regrets. From the welcoming greeting of the woman behind the till, to the calm atmosphere in the cafe, there were no flaws prohibiting this from being my next study destination in London, and I suggest it should be yours too. 

Gentleman Baristas

The final place on my list of coffee place recommendations that also provide you the perfect place to study is Gentleman Baristas. Again, while this is a chain, it is not your main-stream Starbucks or Costa, but a place for you to sit and calmly enjoy a good cup of coffee, either over a conversation or while focused on your work. Having several locations around London, each of them offer a variety of freshly baked pastries everyday, and never-ending friendly staff who never fail to make me smile when I visit.

By Inger Hansen