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Disability Disclosure Guidance


  1. Under the Equality Act 2010, Northeastern University London (the University) is legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of students with a disability or a condition that requires extra support. The University strongly advises students to disclose any disability-related need(s) and/or condition(s) for their own safety at the earliest opportunity, in order to meet their individual study and personal safety requirements.

Purpose and Scope

  1. This is a guide for prospective and current students wishing to share a disability with the University.


  1. Student Support and Development can be contacted via email and additional information regarding services and support available to students can be found on the Student Support and Development webpage.
  2. The Disability Disclosure Form can be found on the University’s website in the Forms Library.
  3. This Guidance should be read in conjunction with the following policies and procedures that are accessible in the Student Welfare Policies and Procedures section of the Academic Handbook:
    1. Student Disability Policy
    2. Student Welfare Policy
    3. Support to Study Policy
    4. Student Confidentially Statement

Student Confidentiality

  1. Please note that all documentation and submitted Disability Disclosure Forms will be visible to the Student Wellbeing Coordinators (SWC) and Head of Student Support and Development as outlined in our Student Confidentiality Statement and will only be shared outside of the department in a need to know basis in order to implement approved adjustments.

Process of Sharing a Disability with the University

  1. This section provides a brief overview of the process of sharing a disability with the University and the subsequent steps taken by the University to develop and implement Learning Support Plans (LSPs)
    1. Step One:
      1. Email, OR
      2. Complete a Disability Disclosure Form and email it to, OR
      3. Call Student Support and Development at 0207 637 4550 to arrange meeting with a Student Wellbeing Coordinator.
    2. Step Two: Provide evidence.
    3. Step Three: Meet with a SWC to discuss your needs.
    4. Step Four: SWC will review evidence and accommodation requisitions.
    5. Step Five:
      1. SWC will draft Learning Support Plan (LSP) OR
      2. Request further evidence.
    6. Step Six:
      1. Student will review LSP and confirm OR
      2. Submit further evidence requested.
    7. Step Seven:
      1. LSP confirmed OR
      2. Request for accommodations denied until appropriate evidence is received.
    8. Step Eight: LSP sent to lecturers.

Guidance on Evidence for Disclosing a Disability

  1. In order to put a Learning Support Plan in place for you to enable adjustments and support, we require evidence of your disability. The most common types of evidence are:
    1. Letter from your General Practitioner or Family Doctor which confirms your diagnosis.
    2. Letter from another recognised medical professional such as a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, orthopedist, which confirms your diagnosis.
    3. Diagnosis assessment or report from specialists such as an educational psychologist.
    4. Evidence of a referral for an assessment plus indication from a medical professional that an assessment is recommended.
  2. If you are unsure about the evidence you can submit, please discuss this with a Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

Deadlines for Adjustments and Assessment

  1. LSPs must be finalised at least six weeks prior to an assessment/examination for the student to receive their accommodations.
Deadlines for Accommodations 2023-24 Academic Year
Exam Week Deadline for Learning Support Plans
Midterms: 23-27 October 2023 11 September 2023
Finals: 11-15 December 2023 30 October 2023
Midterms: 26 February – 1 March 2024 15 January 2024
Finals: 22-26 April 2024 11 March 2024

Version History

Title: Disability Disclosure Guidance

Approved by: The Quality Team

Location: Academic Handbook/ Policies and Procedures/ General/ Student Welfare

Version Number Date Approved Date Published  Owner  Proposed Next Review Date
23.2.0 June 2023 June 2023 Student Wellbeing Coordinator April 2024
Version numbering system revised March 2023
Formerly Prospective Student Disability Disclosure Form – Guidance
1.1 April 2019 April 2019 Learning and Assessment Support Officer April 2020
1.0 October 2018 October 2018 Student Wellbeing Coordinator April 2020
Referenced documents Disability Disclosure Form; Student Confidentiality Statement; Student Disability Policy; Student Welfare Policy; Support to Study Policy.
External Reference Point(s) UK Quality Code Theme: Admissions, Recruitment and Widening Access


Annex A: Disability Disclosure Process Flowchart