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Undergraduate Fees List 2024-25 Academic Year (International Fees)


  1. The fees outlined below form part of your contract with Northeastern University London (the University). In addition, this document outlines payment methods.
  2. If you have any queries relating to fees, please contact our Admissions Team.
  3. If you believe you will need a visa to study in the UK, or need advice on your visa status, please contact the Visa and Immigration Compliance Manager as soon as possible.


Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) Deposit

  1. Students requiring a visa to study at the University will need to be provided with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) in order to apply for a visa. Before the University will be able to issue your CAS, it needs to be satisfied of your intention to study and the University does this by requiring you to pay a deposit (the CAS Deposit) – this is in line with the practice in UK higher education. Below is an outline of the conditions relating to the CAS Deposit. 
  CAS Deposit  Payable 
Visa Student  £3,000  We must receive the CAS Deposit before we can issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). We can only issue a CAS a maximum of six months prior to the start of your programme. Please contact our Visa and Immigration Compliance Manager for more details. 
  1. The CAS Deposit is set off against first term fees.
  2. The CAS Deposit is generally non-refundable or transferrable; however, the circumstances in which the CAS Deposit may be repaid (in whole or part) are as outlined in the Cancellation, Withdrawal, Refund and Compensation Policy 

Tuition Fees

Amount  Payable 
BSc (Hons) Economics 

BA (Hons) English

BA (Hons) History

Law LLB (Hons) 

BA  (Hons)Philosophy

BA (Hons) Psychology

BSc (Hons) Politics & Data Science

BSc (Hons) Politics & International Relations

£22,250 per year  




The annual tuition fee must be paid by 30 September or in accordance with any agreed payment plan (see the Payment section of this document).

BSc (Hons) Business

BSc (Hons) Data Science

BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Business

BSc (Hons) Philosophy & Computer Science

£26,500 per year



  1. The University offers a limited number of scholarships to international students. Further information on the University’s scholarship scheme can be found on the website, or via the Admissions Team.


Individual payment schedule 

  1. There are a number of ways you can pay your fees:
    1. Annually: payable on or before 01 September
    2. By semester: Two equal instalments on 01 September and 01 January
    3. Monthly: Eight monthly instalments – starting in September and ending in April.
  2. Your actual payment to the University depends on whether you have obtained any internal or external funding.
  3. The University can, on request, supply students who have accepted an offer of a place with an individual payment schedule, taking into account any preferred method of payment and any external and internal financial support that may apply. To obtain an individual payment schedule, please contact the Finance Team.
  4. Please note that in the event that you leave the University prior to completing your courses, you will be subject to the University’s Cancellation, Withdrawal, Refund and Compensation Policy. Any payment required under this policy will not take into consideration any scholarship award. 

Version History

Title: Undergraduate Fees List (International Fees)

Approved by: Executive Committee

Location: Academic Handbook/ Admissions

Version Number Date Approved Date Published  Owner  Proposed Next Review Date
24.6.0 October 2023 December 2023 Head of Admissions October 2024
Version numbering system revised March 2023
5.0 December 2022 January 2023 Head of Admissions October 2023
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4.1 October 2021 October 2021 Head of Admissions September 2022
4.0 September 2020 October 2020 Executive Dean September 2021
3.1 November 2019 November 2019 Executive Dean October 2020
3.0 October 2019 October 2019 Executive Dean October 2020
Referenced documents Cancellation, Withdrawal, Refund, and Compensation Policy.
External Reference Point(s) UK Quality Code: Admissions. Recruitment and Widening Access.


[1] This fees list is subject to change

[2] If paying yearly, the CAS deposit will be deduced from the first year payment. Where paying termly, the CAS Deposit will be set off against the first term’s fees. If paying monthly, the CAS Deposit will be offset equally across the first year’s instalments.