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Academic Handbook Terms of Reference and Governance Structure Diagrams

Terms of Reference – Sustainability Committee


The Sustainability Committee exists to foster continuous improvement and coordinated decision-making and ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in policy development in the critical area of sustainable development (climate and social justice) which in a global sense is captured by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (The Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs) and in a sector-specific UK HE context is expressed through the Climate Commission for UK Higher and Further Education (specifically, Climate Action Toolkit for the Higher Education Sector).

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Executive Committee (ExCo) on the University’s sustainability vision, goals, strategy, and partnerships and consider cost-effective resourcing implications. 
  2. To ground the University’s sustainability in the latest science and research and leverage the University’s strengths to help translate research into practice locally and globally.
  3. To lead the work toward reaching the University’s climate goals, to be fossil fuel-neutral by 2050 (or earlier).
  4. To develop and oversee the University-wide sustainability plan.
  5. To engage disciplines, departments, and the student voice in the exchange of best practice, as well as to drive genuine green initiatives.



CEO (Chair)

Senior Academic, sustainability expertise (Deputy Chair)

Director of Resourcing and Operations

Director of Careers, Alumni and Employer Partnerships

Student Union Representative

Director of Finance

Executive Assistant to Executive Committee (Secretary)

Invited members (meeting subject specific)

Facilities manager

Research Committee member

TLEC member

Recruitment and Marketing Team member 

Academic Services member


Meetings are quorate when the Chair (or Deputy Chair) and 50% of the members are present, to include a student representative.

Frequency of Meetings

Twice yearly.

Reports to

The Committee reports to ExCo.

Reports from

This committee does not receive any direct reports from sub-committees but may request that working parties be set up to address certain issues as appropriate.

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