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About Dr Alessandro Rossi

Dr Alessandro Rossi is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Northeastern University London. He obtained a PhD in Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews (2021) with a dissertation entitled ‘Existence, Actuality and Logical Pluralism’, written under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Scharp and Dr. Aaron Cotnoir. During his PhD, he was a Visiting Research Scholar at the City University of New York (2019), supervised by Prof. Graham Priest. Before joining St Andrews for his doctoral studies, he received an MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge (2016), an MA in Philosophy from the University of Pisa (2015) and a BA in Philosophy from the Gregorian University of Rome (2012).

Dr Alessandro Rossi's Research

Alessandro mainly works on issues at the intersection of logic and metaphysics. In metaphysics, he particularly likes the view that some things do not exist, and he is currently exploring how the concept of arbitrary reference could be deployed to defend such view from pressing objections. His logical interests are mainly in the proof-theory and semantics of modal logic, and in logical disagreement. He is currently studying the phenomenon of proof-theoretic collapse of two logical constants, and its philosophical implications for logical disagreement.

Published Work

  • From Collapse Theorems to Proof-Theoretic Arguments. (2023). Australasian Journal of Logic, 20 (1)
  • Kant and Russell on Leibniz’ Existential Assertions. (2021). Sophia, 60(2): 389-409

In Preparation

  • A First-Order Paradox of Material Implication
  • De Re Intentionality: Arbitrary Reference and the Semantics of Indefinite Descriptions

Dr Alessandro Rossi's Teaching

As a lecturer, Alessandro has taught:

  • Formal Logic (Northeastern University London)
  • Mind & Reality (Northeastern University London)
  • Metaphysics (Northeastern University London)
  • MLitt Basic Logic (St Andrews)

As a tutor at St Andrews, he taught:

  • Reasoning
  • Intermediate Logic
  • Foundations of Western Philosophy
  • Mind and World