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About Alice C Helliwell

Alice C Helliwell is Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Northeastern University London. Alice specialises in the philosophy of artificial intelligence, ethics, and aesthetics.

Alice is completing a PhD on the philosophy of AI art at the University of Kent. Alice is an active associate member of the Aesthetics Research Centre at Kent.



MA Hons Philosophy and Psychology (University of Edinburgh) 2015

PGCert Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London) 2017

MA History and Philosophy of Art (University of Kent) 2018



Aesthetics Research Centre, Kent

British Society of Aesthetics

European Society for Aesthetics

Alice C Helliwell's Research

Alice’s research is focused on the philosophical implications of computational creativity and art made by artificial intelligence. Her research aims to answer questions such as: Can AI meet the requirements of creativity? Can AI have the requisite agency or mind to be creative or make art? What are the aesthetics of AI art? And what are the ethical implications of AI creativity? This philosophical work is grounded in concrete examples from computational creativity and machine intelligence research, and draws on work from philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and ethics.



(Forthcoming) AI Art. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

(2021) Darwinian Creativity as a Model for Computational Creativity. Proceedings of the 7th Computational Creativity Symposium at AISB 2021 (pp. 15-19).

(2019) Can AI Mind Be Extended? Evental Aesthetics, Vol. 8 (pp. 93-120).

Alice C Helliwell's Teaching

Alice currently teaches AI and Data Ethics and Aesthetics and has supervised both MA and BA student dissertations at Northeastern University London. Alice also leads the Sustainability, Technology, and the Future Summer School.


Alice’s previous teaching includes:

Lecturer (Northeastern University London)

Introduction to Technology and Human Values

AI and Data Ethics


Sustainability, Technology, and the Future Summer School


Assistant Lecturer (University of Kent)

Introduction to Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics

Introduction to History of Photography

Fashion and Costume


Teaching Qualifications

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy