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About Dr James Kneller

I’m James Kneller, an Assistant Professor in Physics and Applied Mathematics. At Northeastern University London and previous institutions I have provided instruction and management to a number of physics and mathematics courses. I have a strong interest in science communication and public outreach, as well as research into sustainability and renewable energy.

Science Public Engagement and Outreach:
Beyond the confines of academia, I chair the Institute of Physics (IOP) London and Southeast Branch. The IOP is the national professional body in charge of, and accrediting Physics. My work here mostly focuses on outreach and public engagement in the local area. One example was pironeering sending out experiment cards to foodbanks, schools and community groups over the pandemic to bring science into the home and make it a family activity.

Other outreach I’m involve in include founding the UK and Republic of Ireland undergraduate physics championships, PLANCKS UK&IRE. This annual event is part of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) portfolio and the UK heat takes place in various locations, composing of a 3 day conference for 200+ participants. I’ve also organised two larger international finals, London 2020 (online) and Dublin 2024. I also hold the position of Auditor for IAPS.

I also am on the International Union of Pure and Applied Phyics (IUPAP) Physics in Industry working group. Together, we are building more cooperation between the physics communities and industry on a global scale.

Laser Engineer with a Twist:
Before venturing into academia, I worked as a Laser Engineer in the medical industry, with a specialisation in the physics of laser tattoo removal. Not only was I in charge of building and repairing lasers, but also able to do research in how removal works via state of the art spectroscopy data. This unique experience provided me with invaluable insights into the applications of cutting-edge technology for medical purposes and how one can merge research laboratory equipment into a commercial setting.

A Balanced life:
While my main drive in my professional life is Science, I am also a qualified fencing coach and run the London Region Fencing competitions, such as organising the regional qualifiers. I am also in the process or setting up my own fencing club, which will be the next chapter of the University of London Fencing club.

Dr James Kneller's Research

On the research front, I specialise in the material and condensed matter side of experimental physics. My primary focus lies in the critical areas of renewable energy and organic electronics. By designing and performing laboratory experiments, my collaborators and I hope to address the global challenges of sustainability and energy efficiency.

I’ve held research projects into organic (plastic) solar cell efficiency, organic field effect transistors and organic phase shifters. As well as developed novel non-contact thermography techniques, quasi-optic transmissometry and internal-quantum-efficiency via charge carrier time-of-flight.

Dr James Kneller's Teaching

As an academic, I have the privilege of guiding young minds through the intricacies of introductory physics courses, along with various mathematics and statistics courses. I like to focus on the experiential side of learning rather than the traditional lecture style of university teaching. As such I routinely include field trips, guest lectures and active learning techniques into my teaching.