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About Dr Sanjay Bhowmick

Dr Sanjay Bhowmick is an Associate Professor in Business and Head of Business and Project Management at Northeastern University London. He joined the university in 2023. In his role, Sanjay works with Northeastern University as part of their Global Campus Network.

A Fellow of Higher Education UK, Sanjay has taught courses in strategy, international business, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as finance/entrepreneurial finance. Prior to joining NU London, he worked at Newcastle Business School UK and earlier at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has been a visiting professor at the Foundation for Liberal and Management Education, now FLAME University, in India. Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India, has instituted a chair in his name in the business Faculty in 2022.

Sanjay is an achievement motivation trainer and has used those techniques in conducting several entrepreneurship development programmes with existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. He has raised funds of £100,000 p.a. for student start-up businesses in Northumbria University Newcastle and helped set up the university-wide business plan competition at the University of Auckland, Spark (now Velocity) that launched with 700 registrants for the contest.

Before joining academia, Sanjay held senior management positions in banking, venture capital and consulting, last as Country Director for corporate finance at Arthur Andersen in India. Sanjay has also worked on assignments in the US with international Finance Corporation, the UK through Lazard Brothers, and in South East Asia with South East Asia Venture Investments. His experience enables him to bring real-life case discussions into the classroom. He has an MSc and an MBA from the University of Delhi and a PhD from the triple crown Business School of The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

His research interests lie in firm internationalisation, entrepreneurship, social cause venturing, management of the commons, and strategy. Sanjay has published in and reviewed for international journals and has been a member of international research bodies including the Entrepreneurship Division International Committee of the Academy of Management, a core committee member of the Australian Centre of Entrepreneurship Research Exchange annual conference series for six years and a founding member of Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division International Committee. Sanjay has won a GCRF Networking grant to research watermill revitalisation in sub-Himalayan communities in India, working between communities and local administration there with those in Wales, UK. He is on the editorial Board of Business Growth Insights journal.

Sanjay welcomes students for a doctoral programme in entrepreneurship, social cause venturing, management of the commons and firm internationalisation. He has supervised doctoral students on diverse topics, ie, entrepreneurship in creative industries and anti-money laundering.


  • PhD
  • MSc
  • MBA
  • Achievement Motivation Trainer, Entrepreneurship
  • Chartered Associate, Institute of Bankers
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK


Dr Sanjay Bhowmick's Research

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Firm internationalisation, entrepreneurship, social cause venturing, management of the commons, strategy.

Key Publications

  • 2023: The anti-money laundering risk assessment: A probabilistic approach, Ogbeide, H., Thomson, M., Gonul, M., Castairs, A., Bhowmick, S., Bello, A. Journal of Business Research
  • 2022: Entrepreneurial agency for survival and resourcing during covid19 pandemic: Constrained environment entrepreneurship in sub-Himalayan rural India. In J. Scott, J. Hussain and S. Salia (eds), Entrepreneurial Financial Resilience and Financial Innovation in a Turbulent Era. Edward Elgar. (In press)
  • 2021: Lessons from Ancient Indian Scriptures for Business and Society. In N. Burton, M. C. Vu and N. Singh (eds), Faith traditions and practices in the work context – Implications for coping mechanisms in unprecedented times.
  • 2019: “How Psychic Distance and Opportunity Perceptions Affect Entrepreneurial Firm Internationalization. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. 36/1, 97-112.
  • 2016: Co-creation of value at the bottom of the pyramid: Analysing Bangladeshi farmers’ use of mobile telephony. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 29(2), 40–48. (with Dey, Pandit, Saren & Woodruffe-Burton).
  • 2016: “Structurational Explication of Technology Adoption in ICT4D: A Throwback to Giddens, in Dey, Sorour, and Filleri (eds), ICT in Developing Countries: Research, Practice and Policy, Palgrave McMillan.
  • 2015: “They Look While They Leap: Generative Co-Occurrence of Effectuation and Enactment in Entrepreneurial Action”. Journal of Management and Organization, vol 21 (04), pp 515-534.
  • 2014: “The leading edge of Inclusive Entrepreneurship: The case of Whale Watch Kaikoura” in Hayton, C. Salvato, & M. J. Manimala (Eds.), Global Entrepreneurship: Case Studies of Entrepreneurial Firms Operating Around the World, New York: Taylor & Francis. Academy of Management Global Casebook (with Spiller, C.). Highly commended by editors.
  • 2012: Contemporary Collective Regulation and Working Women in New Zealand. Journal of Industrial Relations, vol 54, 2, pp 221-237 (with Parker, J., Nemani, M., and Arrowsmith, J.)
  • 2011: “Social Cause Venturing as a Distinct Domain” Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, vol 2,1, pp 99-111.
  • 2011: “Effectuation and the Dialectic of Control” Small Enterprise Research, vol 18 (1) , pp 51-62.
  • 2008: 8 Wire in today’s World. University of Auckland Business Review, Vol 10, No 1, p 13.
  • 2007: “Opportunity Creation as Structuration: Illustrations from Thre Technology Entrepreneurial Initiatives” International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship, Vol 1 No 2, pp 129-14

Doctoral Supervision to Completion

  • Tena Patten The Creative Industries Entrepreneur: a study of opportunity formation. Start: October 2013, End: August 2017
  • Henry Ogbeide An Exploratory Examination Of Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment. Start October: 2019, End: 2022