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The Philosophy Research Seminar (PRS) is a fortnightly seminar at Northeastern University London featuring internal and external speakers in all areas of philosophy, with meetings occasionally organised in conjunction with the Philosophy Society.

All meetings will take place at 19 Bedford Square on Wednesdays from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. See Celcat for room location. For further details please contact the convener Naomi Goulder (

13th March, 2019
5.30pm – Dr Rupert Read on ‘Philosophical Reflections upon the Likely Imminent End of Civilisation’

13th February, 2019
5.30pm – Professor Peter Simons on ‘Russell’s Logical Atomism Lectures: A Centenary Appraisal’

16th January, 2019
5.30pm – Professor Ken Gemes on ‘Nietzsche, Nihilism, Trump and Brexit’

28th November, 2018
5.30pm – Jean-Charles Pelland on Cognition

24th October, 2018
5.30pm – Dr Greg Davies on Behavioural Decision Theory

26th September, 2018
5.30pm – Dr Alex Grzankowksi ‘Navigating Recalcitrant Emotions’

13th June, 2018
5.30pm – Dr James Soderholm ‘Can a stick be a work of art?’

30th May, 2018
5.30pm – Dr Dan Callcut ‘Williams, toleration, and no-platforming’

16th May, 2018
5.30pm – Jane Stevensen ‘Climate Change – Whose problem is it?’

2nd May, 2018
5.30pm – Professor Robert Stainton ‘An Anscombean Reference for “I”?’

Previous speakers at the Philosophy Research Seminar include:

Brian Ball, Ada Bronowski, John Cottingham, Mark Fabian, Cressida Gaukroger, Naomi Goulder,Michael Hannon,Louise Hanson,Eric Heinze,Phyllis Illari, Noa Latham, Arturs Logins, Derek Matravers, David Mitchell, Seiriol Morgan,Mark Pinder.Bryan Roberts, Christoph Schuringa, Stefan Sienkiewicz, Peter Singer, Ioannis Votsis, Father Stephen Wang and Jose Zalabardo.