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2022 Northeastern University London Essay Competition Awards

Congratulations to all of our essay winners!

This year we had over 6000 entries with many outstanding and thought-provoking pieces. Well done to everyone to entered, it was a tough decision. The winners should be proud of themselves for producing such exemplary work.

You can find this year’s questions and a list of all the winners with their essays below.

Essay Questions

Art History: Is it time for museums and galleries to decolonise their collections, and if so, how should they go about it?

Creative Writing: What role can fiction serve when the nature of ‘fact’ is continually called into question?

History: What does history teach us about humanity’s ability to adapt to climate change?

Law: What limits, if any, should we place on the right to freedom of expression?

Economics: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted inequalities?

Politics: How prepared is the international community to address the current environmental crisis?

Philosophy: How should we (including social media companies and governments) respond to the fact that misinformation (e.g. about coronavirus) can be harmful (and even cost lives) while recognising the value of free expression (including online)?

English: Why does the modern world need literary critics?

Psychology: How could psychology help in understanding criminal behaviour – does society create criminals?

Data Science: How can Data Science and Humanities inform each other?


Art History

First place: Samara Macrae
Read Samara’s essay

Second place: Weiyen Tan
Read Weiyen’s essay

Joint Third place: Shaaon Bhattacharya
Read Shaaon’s essay

Joint Third place: Jessica Dos Santos

Read Jessica’s Essay

Creative Writing

First place: Wing Cheong Tsang
Read Wing’s essay

Joint First place: Emily Martinez-McCune
Read Emily’s essay

Joint Second place: Helen Trappelides

Read Helen’s Essay

Third place: Hannah Cobble

Read Hannah’s essay

Data Science

First place: Tom Kwok
Read Tom’s essay

Second place: Sayyidah Fatimah Azzahra
Read Sayyidah’s essay

Third place: Dikoloreoluwa Oluwatobiloba Apesin
Read Dikoloreoluwa’s essay


First place: Chun Shing Pan
Read Chun’s essay

Second place: Aishi Basu
Read Aishi’s essay

Joint Third place: Arvin Egli
Read Arvin’s essay

Joint Third place: Leonard Cornelius
Read Leonard’s essay


First place: Alexia Heasley
Read Alexia’s essay

Second place: Cara Treacy
Read Cara’s essay

Third place: Max Pearson

Read Max’s essay


First place: Ada Chaeytoniuk
Read Ada’s essay

Second place: Sasha Mullin
Read Sasha’s essay

Joint Third place: Chloe Thomas
Read Chloe’s essay

Joint Third place: Kinga Mierzejewska

Read Kinga’s essay


First place: Hannah Bale
Read Hannah’s essay

Second place: Allie Ng

Read Allie’s essay

Joint Third place: Amore Adam
Read Amore’s essay

Joint Third place: Zheng Zuo

Read Zheng’s essay


First place: Hilary Hawthorne
Read Hilary’s essay

Second place: Mustafa Khuramy
Read Mustafa’s essay

Third place: Gauri Narendran
Read Gauri’s essay

Politics and IR

First place: Rosie Bray
Read Rosie’s essay

Second place: Ansh Barot
Read Ansh’s essay

Joint Third place: Eva Tollett
Read Eva’s essay

Joint Third place: Aadam Shahzad

Read Aadam’s Essay


First place: Yixuan Wu
Read Yixuan’s essay

Second place: Jasmine Bakhshi
Read Jasmine’s essay

Joint Third place: Cara Pearson
Read Cara’s essay

Joint Third place: Shakira Warburton Ofori-Duah

Read Shakira’s essay