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2023 Northeastern University London Essay Competition Awards

Congratulations to all of our winners!

This year’s competition received over 5000 submissions, many of which were exceptional and thought-provoking. Congratulations to all who participated; choosing the winners was no easy task. Congratulations to the winners for their exceptional work, you should be very proud of your achievement.

This year we have a few winners and runner’s up in certain subjects where a few students received the same mark. We have also issued a number of Finalist (Special Commendation) awards to students who had an exceptional essay and narrowly missed out on winning.

You can find this year’s questions and a list of all the winners with their essays below.

Essay Questions

Business: What are the ethical implications of technological advancement in business? Answer the question with reference to a specific technological improvement of your choice in a company of your choice.

Digital & Technology Solutions: Discuss how data analytics can be used to influence people.

Economics: What are the most likely implications of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia?

English: Should the subject English Literature be replaced by Global Literatures?

History: What can historians learn from the study of past empires and imperialism?

Law: Must we always obey the law?

Philosophy: Can it ever be morally acceptable to sacrifice an innocent person for some greater good? Illustrate your answer with examples.

Politics: What would have to change about ‘democracy’ in order to restore faith in democracy among young people?

Psychology: How could psychology explain atrocious acts towards humans, such as during war times?


Overall Winner

Wenyue Zhu
Read Wenyue’s essay



Winner: Avi Shah
Read Avi’s essay

Runner up: Nao Fukui
Read Nao’s essay

Runner up: Noor Lababidi
Read Noor’s essay


Digital & Technology Solutions

Winner: Lukas Svedberg
Read Lukas’ essay

Runner up: Ayda Yazdani
Read Ayda’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): George Hastings
Read George’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Deborah Kanu
Read Deborah’s essay



Winner: Emma Cortinovis
Read Emma’s essay

Winner: Freya Nott
Read Freya’s essay

Winner: Sana Sibhal
Read Sana’s essay

Runner up: Duncan Wong
Read Duncan’s essay



Winner: Akinfolarin Akintola
Read Akinfolarin’s essay

Runner up: Azka Rehman
Read Azka’s essay

Runner up: Amayra Seth
Read Amayra’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Emily Tucker
Read Emily’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Leo Tomblin
Read Leo’s essay



Winner: Alvin Zhou
Read Alvin’s essay

Runner up: Jake Altmann
Read Jake’s essay

Runner up: Xinyu Wang
Read Xinyu’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Eliza Mills
Read Eliza’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Alfie Holdstock
Read Alfie’s essay



Winner: Oscar Luck
Read Oscar’s essay

Runner up: Eunji Shin
Read Eunji’s essay

Runner up: Isobel Harris
Read Isobel’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Owen Warrington
Read Owen’s essay



Winner: Kaajal Basra
Read Kaajal’s essay

Runner up: Vishnu Vadlamani
Read Vishnu’s essay

Finalist (Special Commendation): Tiffany Bantin
Read Tiffany’s essay


Politics & International Relations

Winner: Mia Krnic
Read Mia’s essay

Runner up: Rebecca Silva 
Read Rebecca’s essay

Runner up: Kofi Hayford
Read Kofi’s essay



Winner: Dia Nafis
Read Dia’s essay

Runner up: Eilis Boden
Read Eilis’s essay


Digital Futures Competition Winners

Year 12: Sakthivel Perumal
Read Sakthivel’s essay

Year 13: Harvey Green
Read Harvey’s essay