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2024 Northeastern University London Essay Competition Awards

Congratulations to all of our winners!

This year’s competition received over 5000 submissions, many of which were exceptional and thought-provoking. Congratulations to all who participated; choosing the winners was no easy task. Congratulations to the winners for their exceptional work, you should be very proud of your achievement.

The overall winner is the highest scoring essay across all subjects, promoting the subject winner to overall winner in the given subject category. Some categories have joint runner up prizes if students received the same mark.

You can find this year’s questions and a list of all the winners with their essays below.


Essay Questions

Applied Digital & Technology Solutions: Discuss the societal risks and rewards associated with generative AI (such as ChatGPT).

Business: Is it possible to reconcile the cost-of-living crisis consumers are experiencing with the need for sustainable consumption?

Computer & Data Science: Describe a modern application of data science based on machine learning, generative AI or data analytics. Discuss its context in terms of topic, domain, and societal implications.

Economics: Does the expanding gig economy contribute positively to sustainable economic growth?

English: Is it fair to say that literature is another name for language which has no practical use?

History: How have empires throughout history shaped the societies we live in today?

Law: Ed Sheeran said “Defending copyright infringement lawsuits has become as much a part of the job description for top musicians as the performance of hits”. Discuss whether UK copyright laws are out of date and should be reviewed by Parliament.

Philosophy: To what extent, and in what ways, can the past be a good guide to the future?

Politics & IR: Is environmental degradation a greater threat to the international community than war?

Psychology: Discuss to what extent mental factors impact ageing.


Overall Winner

Overall Winner: Avi Juneja

Read Avi’s essay

Applied Digital & Technology

Winner: Dang Lin

Read Dang’s essay

Runner Up: Sadiq Ali

Read Sadiq’s essay

Runner Up: Zainab Farakh

Read Zainab’s essay


Winner: Khoo Teng Siang

Read Khoo’s essay

Runner Up: Saarvi Sarawagi

Read Saarvi’s essay

Runner Up: Isabel Margerson

Read Isabel’s essay

Computer & Data Science

Winner: Summer Yeojin Shin

Read Summers’ essay

Subject Runner Up: Erin Taylor

Read Erin’s essay


Overall Winner: Avi Juneja

Read Avi’s essay

Subject Runner Up: Ed Taylor

Read Ed’s essay

Subject Runner Up: Wisdom Omolayo

Read Wisdom’s essay


Winner: Kyo Lee

Read Kyo’s essay

Runner Up: Angelica Read

Read Angelica’s essay

Runner Up: Abigail Kendall

Read Abigail’s essay


Winner: Esther Mortimer

Read Esther’s essay

Runner Up: Ved Jan Kumar

Read Ved’s essay

Runner Up: Sayali Dhavale

Read Sayali’s essay


Winner: Darren Yong

Read Darren’s essay

Runner Up: Nay Dyari

Read Nay’s essay

Runner Up: Jude Hasanin

Read Jude’s essay


Winner: Edgar Brown

Read Edgar’s essay

Runner Up: Benjamin Sparkes

Read Benjamin’s essay


Winner: Isobel Wain

Read Isobel’s essay

Runner Up: Hannah Clayton

Read Hannah’s essay


Winner: Onyiu Wong

Read Onyiu’s essay

Runner Up: Donna Chong

Read Donna’s essay

Runner Up: Lola Roberts

Read Lola’s essay