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The Northeastern University London School Certificate in Philosophy FAQs


Do I need to register my students?

Registration is not required in order to begin teaching. We request that you register your school and an indication of likely numbers of students who will be submitting projects by 1st April 2024 to assist with preparations for moderation.

How do I enter individual students?

If you have registered we will send out a spreadsheet for registered schools to make individual student entries and record their marks. This will be sent after 1st April 2024 and should be completed and sent back by 1st June 2024.

What is the charge for the course?

The charge per student will be £20. There is a lower fee of £7.50 for students on our list of Aspiring State Schools and Colleges, you must be on our list to quality.

When are entries made?

You will need to register your school by 1st April in the year of certification. Work will need to be available for moderation by 1st June 2024.

When is the deadline for students to be entered for this course?

The deadline for registering your school is 1st April 2024.

Where can I read a previous examiner’s report?

You can read it here