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The Northeastern University London School Certificate in Philosophy FAQs


Do I need to register my students?

Registration is not required in order to begin teaching. An indication of likely numbers of students will be requested by Northeastern University London in the spring term to assist with preparations for moderation.

How do I enter individual students?

After you register we will send out a spreadsheet for registered schools to make individual student entries and record their marks. This should be completed and sent back by 1st June 2023.

What is the charge for the course?

The charge per student will be £20. There is a lower fee of £7.50 for students on our list of Aspiring State Schools and Colleges, you must be on our list to quality.

Does the course have to be taught to a particular age range of students?

The course is designed for students in years 9 or 10 but can be taught at any age.

Can students submit any form of project?

Written reports, artwork, presentations, films, videos or performance work can be submitted. The assessment evidence submitted should show evidence of planning, researching and development of project ideas. Suggestions of how evidence should be formatted can be found in the course outline and in the course proforma.

Are group projects allowed?

Group projects are allowed. Submitted work should make it clear (e.g. via colour coding) who has done what.

Does this course have to be taught by a philosophy specialist?

No. The course resources have been designed to allow non-specialists to teach the course. Much of the project work happens through independent learning, with the teacher acting as a facilitator of the process.

Can the course be run off-timetable?

Timetabling arrangements should be made by the school. The philosophical foundations and philosophical debates sections of the course have been designed for timetabled teaching but could be accessed through private study (for example, with online access to resources and discussion happening through an online learning platform set up by the school) or through extra-curricular activities such as a Philosophy club. Project work can be done in timetabled lessons or independently by the student.

When are entries made?

Entries for the award will need to be made by 1st April in the year of certification. Work will need to be available for moderation by 1st June 2023.

How will projects be assessed?

Projects are assessed internally by the school with external moderation by a Northeastern University London moderator. Northeastern University London will request samples of work across the mark range, which should be available to the external moderator in electronic format.

Is this accredited by a national exam board?

The School Certificate in Philosophy is accredited by Northeastern University London in association with Cranleigh School

Is it equivalent to half a GCSE?

The School Certificate in Philosophy is smaller in scale than a half GCSE, taking around 20 hours.

What are the procedures for entering students?

Centres can register from January via a form available on the Northeastern University London website.

Could this be a suitable course for students at the end of Year 10 and Year 11?

Schools and colleges are free to choose when to teach the School Certificate and there is no restriction on the year group of students.

When is the deadline for students to be entered for this course?

The deadline for entry is 1st April 2023.

Do staff need to attend any training courses or can they begin teaching without doing so?

There is no training required, but there will be an optional online training event in November 2022.

Where can I read a previous examiner’s report?

You can read it here

I have a question not answered here, who can I contact?

You can send us an email via: with ‘Philosophy Certificate’ as the subject.