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Skills Bootcamps privacy notice Q&A

Why do you need my personal data?

We’re collecting personal data on applicants, candidates and participants to help effectively administer the programme with the training providers and to support with the evaluation of the programme. We only collect information which is necessary for these purposes.

What will you be doing with my personal data?

We will be collecting your personal data and then linking this to administrative data government holds on tax and benefits to evaluate the impact of skills bootcamps has on earnings and employment over a number of years. This is to test if the programme is effective, provides value for money and to improve service provision.

Identifying details will be removed in the process and no individual details will be made public. This is to evaluate the bootcamps programme overall. We may also contact you to participate in surveys or interviews about your experience with the programme. Participation is voluntary.

What other of my data in government will you be linking my personal data you are collecting to?

We intend link your details to information held by DfE, HMRC and DWP on your education, tax and benefits data to allow us to evaluate whether skills bootcamps improves earnings and employment. Namely;

  • HMRC P45, P46, P14 and Self-Assessment data on employment and earnings
  • HMRC Pay as you earn Real Time Information
  • DWP National Benefit Database data, Labour Market System data and Juvos data.
  • DWP Universal Credit data
  • Individual Learner Record (“ILR”), Higher Education Statistics Agency (“HESA”), and Student Loans Company (“SLC”) data.
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has powers to authorise the collection of information on students studying Higher Education courses (the student record data). This data is collected by HESA.
  • The Student Loans Company is a non-departmental public body, owned by DfE, Scottish Ministers, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland.
  • DfE National Pupil Database (“NPD”)

Why are collecting information on protected characteristics? What if I do not want to share information?

We collected information on protected characteristics, such as ethnicity, to support us monitoring how well the policy is doing on equality and diversity. Providing this information is optional with a ‘Prefer Not Say’ option.

What happens with my information afterwards?

Your information is used for the purposes specified. Personal information will be kept for a maximum of three years after which point it will be securely destroyed. A pseudo-anonymised version of your data, used for research purposes, will be kept up to a maximum of 20 years.

If you would like to request the removal of your personal information from our database, please email