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Teaching & Learning*

You will experience learning at the University through a combination of formats and class sizes. Some of our courses are delivered through a high number of scheduled teaching or contact hours, while others focus on smaller, more personalised, guided independent study, or hands-on or community-based projects.

Whether you are on a course with high numbers of interactive lecture-seminar hours, or more guided independent learning, your teaching will typically take place in smaller groups than at many other UK universities. Most lectures and seminars in our new degrees will have a maximum of 20 student participants, while tutorials will typically have five or fewer students, and may include one-to-one tutorials. This more personalised approach to teaching allows everyone to participate and thrive.

Our academic staff selects the most appropriate pedagogy and contact hours for each individual course in order to support students to develop and succeed in their studies. This means that, within your undergraduate degree, you are likely to experience a combination of scheduled lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials. The exact balance of these types of learning and number of contact hours will depend on the specific elective courses you choose.