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Change of Programme

You may be allowed to transfer to a different programme with the permission of the Faculty and the Visa Team. The immigration rules only allow you to change your programme without leaving the UK if you meet the immigration requirements. You must seek permission from the Visa Team and the faculty. The latest you can change programme is the end of week 5 in Michaelmas term of your first year.

Transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis. You may initiate the process by speaking to your current Head of Faculty and your Academic Advisor or Personal Tutor to let them know you are considering a change. You must also make an appointment to see the Visa and Immigration Compliance Manager to discuss the implications for your visa and to check if you are allowed to change your proposed programme from within the UK. 

Once you have discussed your proposal and you still wish to transfer programmes, you must complete the Change in Circumstances: Programme Transfer Form and submit it by email to Your transfer of programme, if approved, will be confirmed in writing by the Registrar. The Head of Faculty for your new programme will contact you and will advise you on how to ‘catch up’ on any missed work.  If the transfer is not approved, the Registrar will write to you explaining the reasons.

You can download a word version of the Change in Circumstances: Programme Transfer Form here.

You can contact the Registry Office ( and the Visa Team ( for further details.