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COVID-19 has been declared endemic. The guidance is now that COVID-19 should be treated in the same way as a common cold or flu. 

Students and staff are encouraged to take the following steps to safeguard their health: 

  • regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitiser 
  • wear a mask in crowded spaces such as public transportation 
  • consider taking a vitamin D supplement during the winter months 
  • pay attention to your diet
  • exercise regularly 
  • ensure you get enough sleep 

Guidance for anyone with COVID-19 

We ask staff and students to carefully consider their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others before deciding whether or not to come into the university when feeling unwell. 


If you decide you are too unwell to attend class please complete an absence reporting form as soon as possible. If your absence will cause you to miss an assessment deadline, pleasure submit an Extenuating Circumstances form to request an extension or deferral. 


If you decide you are too unwell to come in, please contact your line manager as soon as possible to let them know you will be off sick. 

If you decide you are well enough to come into the university, please be courteous to others. 

We encourage everyone to: 

  • sanatise your hands after coughing or sneezing 
  • maintain as much distance as possible from others 
  • wear a mask if you are able 

Most people with symptoms of COVID-19 begin to feel better within a few weeks. Make sure to check in with friends, family or contact student support and development during or after your illness to get the support you need. 
The NHS offers advice on how to look after yourself if you become unwell with COVID-19.