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Why study english at Northeastern University London

The Northeastern University London English degree combines the broad historical coverage of traditional English degrees with distinctive features reflecting the liberal arts tradition including the study of rhetoric, the study of stylistics, and comparison between literatures in English and different languages, and between literary criticism and cognate disciplines.

Take advantage of the opportunity to study English literature in London – the birthplace of countless literary movements and authors. Northeastern University London offers courses which combine the broad historical assessment to literature common to traditional English degrees and a wider approach to how and where we encounter literary texts. Our English courses are structured around one-to-one teaching with esteemed faculty, small class sizes, and professional development, which allows students to choose a path catered to their individual academic and career interests.

Our Creative Writing minor helps you to harness the full expressive potential and persuasive power of language. It provides you with the tools and the confidence to approach a wide range of literary forms – from short fiction to immersive journalism, poetry to scriptwriting for the stage, radio and screen – with aesthetic judgement and practical command.

If you love ideas, choose to study at a place where the lectures are sufficiently small that you can ask questions and debate them, and where other students have the same self-selecting keen curiosity and interest in their studies that you do.

Choose to study at Northeastern University London.