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Law of Tort

30 Credits

The cornerstone of the Law of Tort is the notion of a non-contractual obligation that is owed by one person, whether physical or incorporated, to another, and that where that obligation had not been fulfilled the Law of Tort is what facilitates a remedy that can be invoked by the party who has suffered a loss. It is rooted in the common law but is increasingly being gathered into statute.

The Law of Tort course also strengthens students’ understanding of the principles of causation, remoteness of damage and defences.

The Law of Tort course is a second-year course that forms part of either the Law undergraduate major or minor at the University. The University takes a more personal approach to education, teaching students through small group seminars and one-to-one tutorials to ensure the best possible learning environment and academic achievement. Law can be combined either as a major or minor with any of Art History, Creative Writing, Economics, English, History, Philosophy, or Politics and IR at the University.

Required for the Qualifying Law Degree.

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