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BSc (Hons) Politics & International Relations

Politics and IR Courses

The list of Politics and International Relations courses below is indicative of those that are currently planned for students commencing their undergraduate degree in September 2023. The courses that run in each academic year are subject to change in line with faculty availability and student demand, and may have limited capacity or be unavailable to you due to the timetable. There is, therefore, no guarantee every course will be available every year.

Elective Pathways

You will have the opportunity to personalise approximately 40% of your degree content. You might choose to undertake further in-depth electives in your degree discipline, or to study elective pathways, which allow you to explore, develop and demonstrate a secondary area of expertise. If you take the equivalent of at least three courses in a defined pathway outside of  your main degree discipline, in this case Politics & International Relations you may apply to receive recognition for this (e.g. BSc (Hons) Politics & International Relations with History) in a letter alongside your degree certificate and transcript.

Year 1

  • Introduction to Politics & International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Foundations of Western Political Thought
  • International Relations in Practice

Plus, FOUR elective courses

Year 2

(Option to study abroad and follow US curriculum courses at a Northeastern University campus in the USA in the second semester)

  • Decolonising International Relations
  • The European Union in the World
  • Political Arguments in Action

Plus, ONE Politics & International Relations course from the following:

  • British Government in Global Context
  • Foundations of Critical Thought
  • Political Ideologies
  • Societies in Transition
  • Intermediate Politics and International Relations Directed Study I
  • Intermediate Politics and International Relations Directed Study II

Plus, FOUR elective courses

Year 3

  •     International Organisations
  •     Security Studies

Plus, TWO Politics & International Relations courses from the following:

  • Sustainable Development
  • International Political Economy
  • Green Political Thought
  • Development of Asia
  • Contemporary Politics of Latin America and Spain
  • Comparative Regionalism
  • Advanced Politics and IR Directed Study I
  • Advanced Politics and IR Directed Study II
  • Advanced Special Topics in Politics and IR

Plus, TWO elective courses

Final Project (Politics & International Relations)

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