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Careers Support at Northeastern University London

Dedicated Careers Counsellors work one-to-one with postgraduate students.

Our highly experienced Careers Counsellors share expertise across a wide range of sectors including professional services, government, creative industries, law and banking, technology and start-ups.

Postgraduate students at Northeastern University London also have access to to Heads of Faculty for support in Further Education applications.

A Degree of Success

Postgraduate students are offered one-to-one sessions with Vaibhav Rustagi, Director of Careers, as well as access to VMock, the career acceleration programme powered by Artificial Intelligence. Students are also offered the choice to opt to attend mock interview sessions and/or mock assessment centres.

Northeastern University London Network Opportunities

At Northeastern University London, we’re proud to be at the heart of a community of brilliant, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic graduates, academics and professionals who together make up the Northeastern University London alumni. The Northeastern University London alumni network demonstrates that the experience of joining a small, intimate college not only renders life-long bonds with peers and faculty, but also provides the foundation for global partnerships and cooperation.

Employer events & evenings

Northeastern University London hosts regular employer events and evenings which provide an invaluable opportunity to network with the many employers and organisations interested in hiring graduates from Northeastern University London.

Alumni network

Northeastern University London alumni work for a wide range of organisations and sectors. We arrange formal evenings, where alumni come in to present to and network with current students. We supplement these events with personal introductions relevant to specific interests of individual students.

Northeastern University employer network

Northeastern University London graduates benefit from access to a network of 3,000 companies through our global partnership with Northeastern University.

Careers Counsellors

The Northeastern University London Careers Counsellors have experience across a vast array of sectors; tech, start-ups, television & media, marketing, law, banking, management, charities, NGOs, creative industries and the arts, education, hospitality and recruitment. Some also offer entrepreneurial advice as successful Founders and Co-Founders in their own right.

Vaibhav Rustagi - Director of Careers

Before joining Northeastern University London, Vaibhav headed up the global employer and alumni engagement offering at Hult International Business School. Prior to that, he was the head of their post graduate student recruitment function in Europe.

Viabhav has an MBA from Hult, a BA from the University of West London and an Associate degree from Glion Institute of Higher education. With over 15 years of experience in client and account management, he uses his personal network to contribute to the experience of current students and alumni in terms of creating opportunities for employment and learning.

Gaby Becker - Careers & Placements Lead

Gaby manages and presents Northeastern University London’s careers lectures and seminars and offers expert advice on internships.

She has extensive experience in the creative industries, tech and start-ups and supports students interested in these career paths.

Gaby manages additional specialist advisers to ensure Northeastern University London offers a comprehensive careers provision.

Gaby holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Warwick.

Ursula Smartt, JP - Careers Counsellor (Law) & Lecturer for the Law LLB

Ursula Smartt holds a BA in English and German from the University of Hull, a PGCE from the University of Hull, a MA in German Politics and Social Policy from the University of West London, a CPE from the University of West London and a Master of Philosophy in Social Policy and Criminology from the University of Hull. Ursula has been a Lecturer in Law at the University of Surrey, the University of West London and the University of Portsmouth.

Alongside her teaching, Ursula was awarded a Visiting Professorship in Comparative Criminal Law at the Max Planck Institute, Freiburg, Germany in 2001 and was appointed Justice of the Peace in 2003.  She has conducted extensive research and published a number of books, journal articles and given papers across the globe. Ursula has also worked with the BBC, writing a number of articles and featuring on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. See full profile.

Ursula advises Northeastern University London students who are interested in pursuing a career in Law.

Rebecca Maccabe - Lecturer in Professional Education

Rebecca has a background in education and is an experienced teacher. She advises students interested in a career in education.

Rebecca holds an MA from the University of Warwick and is currently studying a PhD at Lancaster University.

Specialist Careers Counsellors

In addition to the core Careers Counselling team’s expertise in business, creative industries, start-ups, NGOs, law, recruitment, teaching, academia and hospitality, we have further specialists in banking, finance, management consultancy, general management, NGOs and FMCG marketing.

We also have coaches for those students who need extra help in identifying their career paths and for those requiring small business advice.