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2020 Northeastern University London Essay Competition Awards

On 26th June 2020, we celebrated the outstanding academic work of students who were shortlisted for the fourth Northeastern University London Essay Competition with our Essay Awards.

Hosted by the Recruitment & Admissions team and with speeches from Professor A C Grayling, Master of the University, and Martin Smith, Executive Dean, the essay competition awards ceremony this year was held via Zoom in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and current travel and social gathering restrictions. 

From over 5,000 entries from the UK and EU, 350 essays were shortlisted and we were delighted to welcome these shortlisted students to receive their awards virtually, with the top prizes ranging from £250 to £1,000.


The competition sought submissions of essays in a range of questions based on the disciplines we offer as ‘Majors’. The questions were as follows:

Art History: ‘Discuss the potential consequences of de-contextualisation for the art-historical study of a work of art’

Economics: ‘Which problems will economists need to solve within the next 20 years and will artificial intelligence help them?’

English: ‘We should not judge past literature by the standards of the present’. Discuss.

History: ‘How does knowledge of the past help prepare us for the challenges of the twenty-first century?’

Law: ‘Should the law allow Government to strike special tax deals with certain companies in order to attract foreign investment?’

Philosophy: ‘Are we morally responsible for our actions, even if they are ultimately caused by factors beyond our control?’

Politics & International Relations: ‘How has warfare changed since WWII?’


Prize winners

Art History

First prize (£1,000): Eva Moscoso, St. Paul’s Girls’ School. Read Eva’s essay here.

First runner up (£500): Poppy Layden-Fritz, Wakefield Grammar School Foundation.

Second runner up (£250): Kitty Moran, Alton College.



First prize: Sunay Challa, Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet. Read Sunay’s essay here.

First runner up: Aleesha Bruce, Colfe’s School.

Second runner up: Ahan Thakur, The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School.



First prize: Noah Buckle, Watford Grammar School for Boys. Read Noah’s essay here.

Joint first runner up: Aziza Adam, Wembley High Technology College.

Joint first runner up: U’Semu Makaya, Queen Mary’s Grammar School

Second runner up: Amelia Turner, Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School.



First prize: Jasmine Conley, Ipswich School. Read Jasmine’s essay here.

First runner up: Elspeth Rogers, The Perse School.

Second runner up: Isabelle Watts, Stratford Girls’ Grammar School.



First prize: Pearl Ng, Oxford International College. Read Pearl’s essay here.

First runner up: Joshua Platt, The King’s School, Canterbury.

Second runner up: Codrin Moisoi, Leicester Grammar School.



First prize: David Levy, JFS. Read David’s essay here.

First runner up: Luke Dorman, Bristol Grammar School.

Second runner up: Isabel Sobowale, Wycombe Abbey School.

Politics & IR

First prize: Freya Tischkowitz, Hockerill Anglo-European College. Read Freya’s essay here.

Joint first runner up: Jacob Hougie, St. Albans School.

Joint first runner up: Hoa Doung, Greenhead College.

Joint second runner up: Alexander McGovern, The King’s School, Canterbury.

Joint second runner up: Oliver Irons, Exeter School.


Additional prizes were awarded to the remaining shortlisted candidates due to the overwhelming quality of the essays received.

We would like to thank the staff at all of the schools who supported the essay competition and encouraged their students to participate.