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Facilities at Devon House

Devon House is designed to an exceptional standard to provide flexible spaces that can be adapted to a range of purposes and group sizes from two to 200 people, and is usually open from 08.00 to 21.30 Monday to Friday during term time.

Devon House provides students and staff with a wide range of spaces and facilities, including:

The Campus Hub (Ground floor West)

  • Work & study space
  • Flexible Event Hub
  • First Point – query desk for students
  • Meeting Pod (G06)
  • Coffee & tea point
  • Instant chilled and boiling water tap
  • Shower & WCs plus an accessible toilet
  • Community Hub
  • Pool table/ Foosball table/ Ping Pong table/ Basketball net
  • Ambient music controlled by students

Ground floor East

  • Quiet study space
  • 5 classrooms
  • 1 seminar room
  • 2 support rooms
  • 3 Tutorial rooms
  • Work & study space
  • First aid room
  • 3 Phone booths
  • Film Studio
  • Lockers (G01-G60)
  • Printer for student and staff use

First Floor

  • Co-Lab Study space
  • 13 classrooms
  • Three seminar rooms
  • One meeting space (not enclosed)
  • Seven Tutorial rooms
  • First aid room
  • Two support rooms
  • Printer for student and staff use
  • Coffee & tea point
  • Instant chilled and boiling water taps
  • Shower & WCs

Second Floor

  • Co-Lab Study space
  • Silent Study Zone
  • 6 classrooms
  • Four Tutorial rooms
  • Multi-faith room
  • Three support rooms
  • 3 phone booths
  • 3 meeting pods
  • Printer for student and staff use
  • Coffee & tea point
  • Instant chilled and boiling water taps
  • Shower & WCs

Lifts and stairs

There are 4 main stairwells with the front two holding the lifts.

Bike storage

Secure bike storage is available within the perimeter of Devon House.

WiFi & Tech

WiFi is available throughout Northeastern demise


260 lockers situated on Ground floor East, First and Second floors.


Devon House delivers high specification measures to ensure proper ventilation and to introduce air exchange and filter measures that are above the required regulations. These measures eliminate any need to open windows for ventilation or temperature adjustments.

A Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system increases the amount of outside air circulating within. This system works together with a second ventilation system to provide two air changes per hour.

An enhanced filtration system reduces the level of nitrous oxide brought into the building. This filtration system has pollutant gas filters for the removal of NO2, NOX, SO2, O3, and VOC, plus particulate filters for removal of particulate matter 10 micrometers or less in diameter. These are similar to the systems installed in hospital settings.