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Libraries at Northeastern University London

Students at Northeastern University London are richly provided with library facilities, including Northeastern University’s digital library and resources, the Northeastern University London Collection in Devon House, Senate House Library (SHL), and the British Library.

Northeastern University Library

Northeastern University London students have full access to the digital resources available from Northeastern University’s Library. Located in Boston, Northeastern University leads the way in redefining library service in the 21st century. Resources include over 800,000 e-books and over 100,000 electronic journals. The Northeastern University Library provides the resources and services which enable students to ignite interests, spark creativity, and forge new discoveries.

City of London Libraries

Students have full membership access to the City of London’s lending libraries at the Barbican Centre, Shoe Lane and Artizan Street. Facilities offered at these libraries include study space, wifi, printing, book borrowing privileges and access to digital resources.

In addition, access can be requested to the CoL research libraries – Guildhall Library and the London Metropolitan Archives.

Senate House Library

Senate House Library (SHL) is one of the libraries used by Northeastern University London students.

Commissioned in 1931, Senate House Library is the federal library of the University of London, which was founded by Royal Charter in 1836. As the federal library, it supports the nineteen colleges and academic institutions in the University and the wider research community.

It is one of the top research libraries in the UK, particularly focused on the arts and humanities, and home to more than three million items. Northeastern University London students have full access to its borrowing, digital and print services.

The British Library

Northeastern University London students are eligible for a reader’s card to use the British Library – one of the greatest research libraries in the world. As it is a copyright library, it has copies of all new books published in the UK, and many of those published abroad, making it an excellent resource when more detailed research is required.