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Academic English Skills Service (AESS)

Academic English skills are essential for students to be successful in their degree programmes. The ability to write in an academic style is something you will develop as part of your university study.

Some of the academic English skills you will need are:

  • Interpreting and analysing skills for assignment questions and selecting appropriate material
  • Developing a specialised academic language and vocabulary relevant to your subject
  • Critical reading and note-making skills to evaluate various academic sources
  • Critical writing skills to produce well-structured and coherent assignments including essays, reports and presentations
  • Developing academic integrity to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct
  • Learning how to paraphrase, quote and summarize
  • Learning when and how to use citations and references appropriately
  • Critical writing skills to produce arguments, counter-arguments and rebuttals.

 Academic English Skills Service (AESS) supports students in developing their academic English skills.

Meera Mawani, the English & Academic Writing Adviser, offers workshops, webinars and short recorded videos focusing on key academic English skills. Areas covered include reading and writing critically, structuring essays, avoiding plagiarism and referencing, which will help you with your coursework and assignments.

The AESS also offers drop-in sessions and one-to one consultations (in-person or virtual), with a particular focus on supporting multilingual learners. You can book an appointment or secure a place at workshops or webinars via Target Connect.

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