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Apprenticeships designed for real-world needs

From start to finish, our apprenticeship programmes are designed around real-world needs.

We’ve co-designed our programmes with leading technology partners to deliver cutting-edge courses with real impact.

Through totally reimagining what an apprenticeship scheme could look like, our number one priority is to deliver tangible value to your business.

  • Get fully funded programmes through the apprenticeship levy, with no extra costs to your business or utilise the government co-investment model
  • Train employees in high demand skills, or reskill existing talent from legacy platforms
  • Choose training that’s directly relevant and applicable to your business’s transformation agenda
  • Build a strong and diverse pipeline and attract talent from multiple sources
  • Offer a unique employee benefit (a BSc or MSc degree) for stand-out recruitment and employee retention
  • Experience seamless, flexible hybrid course formats

Develop apprentices with a business-first mindset

We deliver knowledge, skills, and behaviours with real-life application

Our programmes go beyond academics, developing the business know-how, technical experience and in-context learning that are crucial to employee success. This includes training on technology platforms widely used in the workplace, alongside problem-solving and scenario work. We’ll also run employer-centric projects, so that apprentices can apply their skills and understand the relevance of what they’re learning.

Unlock business value fast

Achieve ‘speed to competence’ faster with industry-recognised certifications

We include the option for apprentices to gain industry-recognised certifications at an accelerated pace; certifications can be achieved throughout their programme, at the very beginning of their programme, or even before their programme begins. This way, they can start working on client projects right away and add immediate value to your business, with a better return on your investment.

Gain comprehensive talent solution

Broaden and enhance your workforce by tapping into diverse talent sources

Our apprenticeships are inclusive to all kinds of learners. If you are upskilling or reskilling your existing employees, you can accelerate the programme in areas where they are already experienced. We provide additional support to de-risk the employment of underrepresented groups or those with knowledge gaps, offering extra training before the programme begins to get them up to speed.

Get training that's tailored to your business needs

Develop talent in a way that works for your business with our flexible delivery model

Business can’t always be tied down to an academic year, so we offer maximum flexibility, with multiple start dates to choose from and multiple cohorts available each year. You can also choose between the full apprenticeship programmes or short course options; whatever works best for your business.

Simplify your team's success

Our proactive employer support takes the pain away from apprenticeships

We offer support every step of the way, developing successful apprentices without draining your time and resources. To make this happen, we pair you with a designated Success Manager to deliver ongoing guidance, consultation and feedback. Your Success Manager can visit your workplace every 6 weeks and give monthly progress reports, with a list of activities to support apprentices outside of their dedicated learning time.