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Designed to enhance your organisation’s capabilities, our Technician Scientist Apprenticeship cultivates technical and digital expertise combined with training in the most current knowledge and advancements in bioscience.


Year 1

Applied Cell Biology

15 Credits

The course introduces the structure and function of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells,… Read More

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

15 Credits

This course introduces the core principles, theory, concepts and terminology of bioch… Read More

Data Science, Data Visualisation and Communication Bootcamp

15 Credits

An intensive two-week, face-to-face bootcamp that gives learners hands-on experience … Read More

Drug Discovery and Development (Including Pharmacology)

15 Credits

This course introduces the drug discovery and development process: target identificat… Read More

Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

15 Credits

This course focuses on the core principles, theory and concepts of human physiology… Read More

Maths, Statistics, Experimental Protocol and Analysis

15 Credits

This course examines the mathematical and statistical principles that are an essentia… Read More

The Regulatory Environment

15 Credits

This course promotes all aspects of quality control, awareness and adherence to quali… Read More

Business Fundamentals

15 Credits

This course will familiarise learners with the contemporary world of business.… Read More

Year 2

Cell and Gene Therapy

15 Credits

This course introduces and explores the principles, theory and concepts that underpin… Read More

Data Driven Experimental Design Project

30 Credits

In this course learners will identify a problem with a laboratory technique, laborato… Read More

Industrialisation, Manufacturing and Health Economics

15 Credits

The course develops a critical understanding of the evolution and impact of the … Read More

Infection and Allergy (Including Applied Microbiology)

15 Credits

The course provides an overview of the processes of infection caused by bacteria, vir… Read More

Laboratory-based Residential Course

15 Credits

This courses is an intensive two-week, face-to-face bootcamp where learners will unde… Read More

Information Technology Project Management

15 Credits

This course covers the tools and techniques used to manage information technology … Read More

Data Analytics

15 Credits

This course introduces the subject of data analytics. Learners will be taught how raw… Read More