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MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence

Poised at the intersection of the humanities and technology, this innovative Masters degree can equip you with the combination of thinking, communication, and technical skills widely sought in sectors ranging from professional services, to the creative industries and government.


The courses that run in each academic year are subject to change in line with faculty availability and student demand so there is no guarantee every course will be delivered. For further information, please see here and speak to your admissions contact.

Semester One

Mind and Reality (20 credits)

AI and Data Ethics (15 credits)

Begin Breadth Option (20 credits)

Depth Option 1 (15 credits)

Semester Two

Values and Society (20 credits)

Minds and Machines (15 credits)

Continue Breadth Option (20 credits)

Depth Option 2 (15 credits)

Semester Three

Dissertation (60 credits)

Breadth Courses

Amongst the philosophy options, some are intended to provide additional breadth of philosophical knowledge.

These ‘breadth’ options include:

Aesthetics (20 credits)

Ancient Philosophy (20 credits)

Early Modern Philosophy (20 credits)

History of Ethics (20 credits)

Kant and Post-Kantian Philosophy (20 credits)

Metaphysics (20 credits)

Political Philosophy (20 credits)

Depth Courses

Depth courses allow for more targeted investigations of specific areas of Philosophy.

These ‘depth’ options include:

Epistemology (15 credits)

Formal Logic (15 credits)

Philosophical Logic (15 credits)

Philosophy of Language (15 credits)

Philosophy of Mind (15 credits)

Philosophy of Science (15 credits)

Technology and Human Values (15 credits)

There are also ‘depth’ options in Data Science:

Programming with Data (15 credits) introduces the basics of coding in Python, a language commonly used for data science and AI programming. It is a pre-requisite for:

Foundations of Data Science (15 credits), which introduces more advanced coding techniques.

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