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2021 Northeastern University London Essay Competition Awards

Congratulations to all of our essay winners!

This year we had over 6000 entries with many outstanding and thought-provoking pieces. Well done to everyone to entered, it was a tough decision. The winners should be proud of themselves for producing such exemplary work.

You can find this year’s questions and a list of all the winners with their essays attached here:

Essay Questions

Art History: Should the West return cultural artefacts to their former colonial territories?

Creative Writing: It is 2120. There is no longer any such thing as poetry, or poets. What happened?

Data Science: What is the importance of ethics in data science?

Economics: How relevant is economics during a pandemic and in what way might economists make things better?

English: Is literature always a force for good?

History: Will the Covid-19 pandemic change human history?

Law: When, if ever, should one be criminally liable for infecting another person with a disease?

Philosophy: Should robots have rights? Why or why not?

Politics and International Relations: Is democracy experiencing a setback worldwide?

Psychology: Discuss the sources of mental health issues in the modern world


Art History

First place: John Chang
Read John’s essay

Second place: Mia Mack
Read Mia’s essay

Third place: Hanna Johal
Read Hanna’s essay

Creative Writing

First place: Alexander Archer
Read Alexander’s essay

Second place: Nancy Connor
Read Nancy’s essay

Third place: Adriana Garcia Alumbreros
Read Adriana’s essay

Data Science

First place: Shaun Pexton
Read Shaun’s essay

Second place: Emma Chandler
Read Emma’s essay

Third place: Rabiah Ahmad
Read Rabiah’s essay


First place: Kangzi Chan
Read Kangzi’s essay

Second place: Scarlett Westbrook
Read Scarlett’s essay

Third place: Aman Sultan
Read Aman’s essay


First place: Maya Panasar
Read Maya’s essay

Second place: George Oates
Read George’s essay

Third place: Grace Middlemas, Layal Muhtadi
Read Grace’s essay
Read Layal’s essay


First place: Juliet Donajgrodzki
Read Juliet’s essay

Second place: Joseph Andrews
Read Joseph’s essay

Third place: Libby Stone
Read Libby’s essay


First place: Kate Taylor Smith
Read Kate’s essay

Second place: Gabriella Deegan, Kashvi Grover
Read Gabriella’s essay
Read Kashvi’s essay

Third place: Scott Lee
Read Scott’s essay


First place: Jodie Strutt
Read Jodie’s essay

Second place: Amy Young
Read Amy’s essay

Third place: Oscar Burstal
Read Oscar’s essay

Politics and IR

First place: Frances Rigby
Read Frances’ essay

Second place: Alma Talbot
Read Alma’s essay

Third place: Daniel Hidalgo-Anguera
Read Daniel’s essay


First place: Fynn Hoffman
Read Fynn’s essay

Second place: Mercy Otasowie
Read Mercy’s essay

Third place: Grace Forward
Read Grace’s essay