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Why study Law at Northeastern University London

“Students looking to study law will find the Northeastern University London Law programme both challenging and rewarding. The Law Faculty at Northeastern University London aims to cover all of the Law Society and Bar Council required areas of study to permit students’ progression onto the professional training courses for qualification as a solicitor or barrister. The breadth of the Northeastern University London Law degree is its greatest strength. It allows a student to see so many different areas of human activity and how the world approaches resolving conflict, which in turn opens up a wide range of pathways, not just the practise of law but all sorts of government service, opportunities in the business world, journalism, and so on.”

Stephen Dnes, Head of Faculty and Lecturer in Law.

If you love ideas, choose to study at a place where the lectures are sufficiently small that you can ask questions and debate them, and where other students have the same self-selecting keen curiosity and interest in their studies that you do.

Choose to study at a place where your tutors will meet with you individually each week to help you to formulate and defend your own interpretations of the texts you’re reading and connect your ideas and questions with others in the philosophical tradition.

Choose to study at Northeastern University London.