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About Dr Adrian Hillman

Dr Adrian Hillman is an Assistant Professor of Communication in the Faculty of English at Northeastern University London. His teaching specialism includes journalism and society, political communication and public speaking.


PGCHE Goldsmiths

PhD Goldsmiths

MA University of Sussex

BA (Hons) University of Malta

Dr Adrian Hillman's Research

Adrian Hillman’s present research interest covers the sociology of news, and the influence of polarisation and advocacy on news dissemination. His most recent work is engaged in exploring the intersection of social media and the dissemination of news directed at the political communication process. In his latest book, published by Routledge in 2022, titled The construction of news in a polarised state he developed a research interest in the way news and information is created and directed within diverse media and cultural systems. He explores how data usage is becoming increasingly important in news organizations, as data can provide insights into audience behaviour, content performance, and trends in the news.

Published work:

(2022) The construction of news in a polarised state, Routledge. New York.


Slaves to the algorithm: His current work focuses on how a handful of media giants exercise power, and how news organisations responded questioning what this means for the production and circulation of news. The work studies how news organisations and publishers have adapted to new technology, data capitalism, and how these platforms handle their role.

Presenting at Conferences

Hillman, A. (2023). Understanding of the role of advocacy in a polarized state: Revisiting the construction of news In 9th Conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics, Edinburgh

Hillman, A. (2023). What challenges and opportunities face journalists and journalism in the age of social media? Mancept 23 Workshops in Philosophy of Journalism. Manchester University

Dr Adrian Hillman's Teaching

Tied to his interest in political communication and journalism Adrian has lectured in Journalism and society and Structures of contemporary political communication at Goldsmiths, University of London for a number of years. He has also lectured at the Brunel (London) University in social media and networked cultures at an undergraduate and post graduate level.