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About Dr Aislinn O’Connell

Aislinn has been a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Northeastern University London since January 2020. Aislinn is also a lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London. She has held posts at St Mary’s University Twickenham, as well as acting as visiting lecturer at Roehampton and at UCL, where she completed her PhD. Her research into copyright for publishers in the face of the digital shift was funded by the Stationers Foundation.

Educational background: BCL (Law and French) NUI, LLM (International Business Law) NUI, Master I Lyon II, PhD UCL

Dr Aislinn O’Connell's Research

Aislinn’s research focuses on the interaction of intellectual property law with culture, focusing on the protections or lack thereof which are available to media other than those traditionally covered by intellectual property provisions.

Her recent research projects cover the existence of copyright in street art, and the legal mechanisms available for removal of private sexual images from online.

Selected Publications

Bonadio and O’Connell (eds) IP Excesses: Exploring the Boundaries of Intellectual Property Protection (Hart 2022)

O’Connell and Bakina, ‘Using IP Rights to Protect Human Rights: Copyright for ‘Revenge Porn’ Removal’ (2020) 40(3) Legal Studies 452

O’Connell, ‘Image Rights and Image Wrongs: image-based sexual abuse and online takedown’ (2020) 15(1) JIPLP 55

O’Connell, ‘The Writing on the Wall: Street Art and Copyright’ (2019) 14(7) JIPLP 530

Dr Aislinn O’Connell's Teaching

Aislinn has teaching on a variety of aspects of law, including English Legal Systems, Methods and Practice, Law of Contract, and Law of Torts. She also has experience in teaching law for non-lawyers, teaching both business law and international business law. She particularly enjoys teaching on her own research area of intellectual property law.