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About Dr David Mitchell

Dr David Mitchell has been a faculty member of Philosophy at Northeastern University London since September 2012. He currently leads courses in the first, second and third year undergraduate curriculum and in the MA in Philosophy. After obtaining his BA at Oxford, with a double first in Literae Humaniores, and also his DPhil, on problems of rationality in epistemology and ethics, he went on to teach philosophy successively at Leicester, Cambridge and London Universities, as well as in the European programme of a consortium of U.S. universities. More recently he taught at Birkbeck and at the Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, in London. Besides his work in academic philosophy, he has taught classics and has also worked in international development, engaging in consultancy work with various UN agencies. In 2009, he obtained an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.



MSc in Development Studies (Merit), LSE (2009)

DPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford (1988)

MA in Philosophy, University of Oxford (1988)

BA Hons in Literae Humaniores, University of Oxford (1979)


Professional Affiliations

Aristotelian Society




Dr David Mitchell's Research

Dr Mitchell’s philosophical research has been mainly in ethics, in social and political philosophy, and in ancient philosophy. He has published articles and contributions to multi-author volumes in the fields of history of ethics, applied ethics and practical reasoning, as well as book reviews in these and other areas of philosophy. Outside philosophy, he has pursued research in international development and has had published several English translations of musicological texts by Italian authors. His MSc dissertation was on democracy support in post-Soviet settings, and more recently his main research activity has been in social and political thought, particularly those aspects of their history in the West that are relevant to philosophical questions about international development today. He is currently working on a book-length treatment of ideas of corruption and the corrupt.


Selected Publications

Articles and contributions to multi-author volumes:

‘Later Ancient Philosophy’ in Philosophy 2: Further Through the Subject, ed. A.C. Grayling, Oxford University Press, 1998

‘The Importance of Being Important: Euthanasia and Critical Interests in Dworkin’s Life’s Dominion’, Utilitas 1996

‘Ethics’, article in The Larousse Encyclopaedia, Market House Books, 1995

‘Validity and Practical Reasoning’, Philosophy 1990

Dr David Mitchell's Teaching

Since he joined Northeastern University London, Dr Mitchell has led courses in Ethics, Ancient Philosophy and Political Philosophy, and contributed as tutor to the Epistemology course. He designed, and since September 2017 has been course leader of, two MA courses, in History of Ethics and Ancient Philosophy. He is Outreach Officer of the Northeastern University London Philosophy Faculty, and in this role, has in recent years organised or contributed to various regular externally collaborative events at Northeastern University London, such as an annual workshop for teachers of the Theory of Knowledge paper in the International Baccalaureat, as well as speaking at several multi-school Philosophy events at schools around London.


Teaching Appointments

Northeastern University London, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy (2012-present)

Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, Aga Khan University, London, Visiting Lecturer (2007 – 2012)

Birkbeck, University of London, Honorary Fellow, School of Philosophy (2007 – 2012)

Rhodes College, Memphis, and University of the South, Sewanee, USA, European Studies Program held at Lincoln College, Oxford University, Lecturer in Greek Philosophy (1995 – 1998)

Cambridge University, University Assistant Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, member of Darwin College, member of Philosophy Faculty Board (1992 – 1993)

London University Department of [subsequently Centre for] Extra-Mural Studies (1989 – 1995)

Leicester University, Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy (1987 – 1988)


Professional Activity

Secretary of Northeastern University London’s faculty discussion group, the Ottoline Club

PPE / PPH Co-ordinator

Within the Philosophy Faculty: Director of Teaching, Learning and Enhancement; Outreach Officer; Copy Officer; Library Officer

Regular extra-curricular Greek and Latin classes at Northeastern University London

Attended Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, July 2018


Languages Spoken

Fluent in Italian. Proficient in French.